Calm Review – The Best Mindfulness App For Busy People

By Jared Levenson - Reviewed on October 8, 2023
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Best Paid Mindfulness App
Calm - Most Popular and Highest Quality Mindfulness App (Requires $69.99/ Year Subscription) Calm - Most Popular and Highest Quality Mindfulness App (Requires $69.99/ Year Subscription)
7-Day Free Trial Then $69.99 / Year

With over 100 million downloads and 1.5 million five-star reviews, Calm is a go-to meditation app that promotes mindfulness and improves mental well-being. It tailors the experience based on your goals, recommending content that fits your needs. But there's a catch. After enjoying a 7-day free trial packed with premium content, you'll find that most features require a subscription. The lack of accessible content post-trial could be a letdown for some users. Despite this, Calm remains the most popular choice for many seeking to enhance their mental health journey.

  • User-friendly interface
  • Celebrity-narrated sleep stories
  • 7-day free trial available
  • Basic mood and habit tracking
  • Excellent meditation experience
  • Child-friendly design
  • Expert-led master classes
  • Authentic visuals and sounds
  • Free content ends after 7-day trial
  • No friend-invite feature

Welcome to our in-depth review of Calm (, a standout player in the telehealth industry. With over 100 million downloads and an astounding 1.5 million five-star reviews, Calm has successfully established itself as a go-to mindfulness and stress management app. 

From guided meditations and sleep stories to breathing exercises, it offers a comprehensive suite of tools designed to improve your well-being. Even scientific research supports the app Calm (despite some bias).

But is it truly the best app for achieving mindfulness? We have delved into its features, user experiences, and scientific research to provide a clear, informative, and balanced understanding. 

Let’s explore what makes Calm a popular choice for enhancing mental health and managing stress in the digital age.

Calm Review Third-Party Reviews

  • 4.0/5 With 4 Reviews From > Choosing Therapy
  • 4.8/5 With 1.7M Reviews From > Apple Store
  • 1.8/5 With 227 Reviews From > Trust Pilot
  • 4.0/5 With 8 Reviews From > Common Sense

Overall, we give Calm Review a Third-Party Review Score of (4.7/5)

About Calm

Company Background

Calm is a powerful mindfulness app developed in 2012 by Alex Tew and Michael Acton Smith. With a track record of over 100 million downloads and more than 1.5 million five-star reviews, it has established itself as a trusted tool for mindfulness and stress management.


Calm’s mission is to improve mental health and well-being through mindful meditation. It offers many features, including guided meditations, breathing exercises, music, bedtime stories, and more. The content recommendations are personalized based on each user’s goals, creating a unique mindfulness journey for everyone.

Calm’s Offerings

Users can access the app’s offerings via a free 7-day trial, and free content is available without a subscription. For a more extensive experience, Calm Premium offers monthly, yearly, and lifetime subscription options. It unlocks over 100 guided meditations, an expansive library of sleep stories, exclusive music, and masterclasses.

User Experiences

According to multiple studies, Calm has proved effective in reducing stress, improving self-compassion and mindfulness, and aiding sleep. Positive reviews highlight benefits such as falling asleep faster and better stress management.

However, it’s important to note that some users have reported negative experiences related to charges after cancellation and poor customer service.

What Makes Calm Unique and Different 

With a plethora of mindfulness apps available, what sets Calm apart? Let’s dive into its unique features and differentiators that make it a standout player in telehealth.

Personalized Content Recommendations

One of Calm’s most unique aspects is its personalized content recommendations. Based on your specific goals – reducing anxiety, fostering gratitude, enhancing happiness, or improving performance – Calm tailors its suggestions to you. This customized approach makes your journey toward mental wellness feel genuinely unique and personal.

Extensive Content Library

Calm boasts an impressive content library catering to various needs. Whether you’re looking for guided meditations, relaxing music, bedtime stories, or breathing exercises, there’s something for everyone. With such a wide range of options, you will find tools that resonate with you and aid your mental well-being journey.

Minimal Time Commitment

In our fast-paced world, time is often a constraint. Recognizing this, Calm delivers impactful content that requires minimal time commitment. This feature makes it an excellent choice for those seeking to incorporate mindfulness into their busy schedules.

Experienced Team and Scientific Backing

Calm’s team is comprised of experienced meditation instructors who bring their expertise to the app’s content. Moreover, the app is backed by scientific research, adding credibility to its offerings and assuring users of its effectiveness.

Mixed Customer Reviews

Like any product, Calm has received mixed reviews. While it enjoys good ratings on the App Store and Google Play, its rating on Trustpilot is lower. Critical feedback often mentions poor customer service, difficult cancellations, and interface issues. However, many users praise the app for aiding sleep and reducing stress.

Please note: Our meta-review score does not incorporate # of reviews. The primary rating criteria is by review-aggregator platform to reduce the impact of one review platform’s popularity over another (Apple is much more popular than Trustpilot).

Free Trial and Cost-Effective Subscription Options

Calm offers a free trial, allowing users to test the app before committing financially. The annual subscription is the most cost-effective option for those who find value in its offerings.

List of Calm Features and Benefits

Here are the key features and benefits that make Calm stand out:


  1. Diverse Meditation Practices: From beginner-friendly to advanced techniques, Calm offers a range of meditations to suit everyone’s needs.
  2. Extensive Content Library: With an impressive array of calming sounds, ambient music, sleep stories, and masterclasses, Calm ensures something for everyone.
  3. Adaptable Meditation Lengths: Calm provides 3 to 30 minutes to accommodate busy schedules.
  4. Celebrity Narrated Sleep Stories: Experience relaxing sleep stories narrated by celebrities for a unique bedtime routine.
  5. Mood Tracking and Reminders: Keep track of your mood over time and receive reminders to meditate, fostering consistent practice.
  6. Masterclasses by Wellness Experts: Learn from the best in the field with masterclasses on topics like stress management, gratitude, and self-compassion.
  7. Calm Body: Movement sessions designed with mindfulness in mind, integrating physical and mental wellness.
  8. Content for Kids: Promote mindfulness among young ones with content specifically designed for children.
  9. Personalized Recommendations: Based on ors content recommendations for a customized mindfulness journey.
  10. Uses Interface: Navigate through the app quickly, thanks to its intuitive design.


  1. Reduced Anxiety and Stress: Regular use of Calm can help manage and reduce anxiety and stress levels, promoting mental tranquility.
  2. Improved Sleep: With soothing sleep stories and ambient sounds, Calm can enhance the quality of your sleep.
  3. Enhanced Focus: Regular mindfulness practice can improve your focus and productivity.
  4. Promotes Overall Well-Being: Incorporating Calm into your daily routine can foster a sense of overall well-being.
  5. Flexible Pricing: With monthly, yearly, family, and lifetime membership options, you can choose a plan that best suits your needs.
  6. Free Trial: Try the full range of premium content with a free trial before committing to a subscription.

Who is Calm Review Best For (And Not For)

Best Suited For:

1. Newcomers to Mindfulness: Calm is a great starting point if you’re new to mindfulness. The app’s user-friendly interface and diverse content tailored for beginners make it a suitable choice to begin your journey towards mental well-being.

2. Seasoned Meditation Practitioners: Even if you’re a meditation expert, Calm has plenty to offer. With a wide range of advanced meditation practices and masterclasses, you’ll find resources to deepen your mindfulness journey.

3. People Seeking Stress Reduction and Anxiety Management: If you’re struggling with stress or anxiety, Calm can be a valuable ally. Its programs designed for stress reduction and anxiety management have been recommended by Healthline editors and found helpful by many users.

4. Those Looking to Improve Sleep: Having trouble sleeping? Calm’s sleep stories could be the answer. Many users have reported improved sleep patterns after using these features.

5. Individuals of All Ages: With content suitable for all ages, Calm is a tool the whole family can use. There’s something for everyone, from meditations for adults to sleep stories for kids.

Less Suited For:

1. Those Who Want Free: There are many free mindfulness services out there – Calm is not one of them, despite offering a free 7-day trial.

2. Social Butterflies: If you enjoy sharing your mindfulness journey with friends, Calm might not be the best fit. Currently, the app doesn’t offer the ability to add friends or share progress within the platform.

3. Those Distracted by Sounds: Some users find the nature sounds on Calm distracting. This could be a drawback if you prefer silence during your mindfulness practices.

4. People With Severe Anxiety or Depression: While Calm is a powerful tool for fostering mental wellness, it’s important to note that it’s not a substitute for professional help in cases of severe anxiety or depression. If you’re experiencing these conditions, seeking professional advice is crucial.

Overall, we give Calm Review a Quality Score of (4.6/5)

Comparison of Calm Review with Alternatives, Competitors

Calm is a leading mindfulness app in today’s digital healthcare space, boasting over 100 million downloads and five-star reviews. But how does it stack up against its competitors?

Let’s compare Calm with alternative mindfulness apps like Headspace, Breathwork, and the Healthy Minds Program.

Calm Vs. Headspace

Like Calm, Headspace offers guided meditations, sleep aids, and stress management tools. However, Calm stands out with its broader content library, featuring masterclasses, soundscapes, and a dedicated section for kids. Overall, Calm has better content selection and quality, but Headspace is more suited for students and sleep.

Calm Advantages Over Headspace:

  • More diverse content

Calm Vs. Breathwork

Breathwrk focuses primarily on breathing exercises to reduce anxiety and improve sleep. This focus makes it an excellent tool for those explicitly seeking breathing techniques. On the other hand, Calm offers a more holistic approach to mental wellness, with content spanning from meditation and music to sleep stories and masterclasses.

Calm Advantages Over Breathwork:

  • A more comprehensive approach to mental wellness
  • A wider range of content

Calm Vs. Healthy Minds Program

The Healthy Minds Program uniquely combines neuroscience, contemplative traditions, and skill-building to foster mental well-being. Unlike Calm, which has a monthly or annual subscription model, the Healthy Minds Program is free.

However, Calm’s extensive content library and personalization features may provide a more tailored and varied experience.

Calm Advantages Of Healthy Minds Program:

  • Personalized content recommendations
  • More extensive content library

Final Thoughts

Calm has carved a niche in the mindfulness app market with its diverse offerings, personalized recommendations, and scientific backing. While Headspace, Breathwork, and the Healthy Minds Program have unique strengths, Calm’s comprehensive and varied approach to mental wellness sets it apart.

Overall, we give Calm Review a Design Score of (4.5/5)

How Much Does Calm Review Cost, How to Sign-up, and Customer Support 

You’re probably wondering how much it costs and how to get started. Well, you’re in luck! We’ve got all the information you need right here.

The Cost of Calm

Let’s start with the basics: the cost.

  1. A premium subscription to Calm costs $14.99 per month.
  2. Yearly subscription, priced at $69.99.
  3. Family plans at $99.99 per year, where you can provide access to up to six users. That’s an incredible value, especially if you’re interested in sharing the benefits of Calm with your loved ones.
  4. Lifetime one-time billing is $399.99.

Free Trial

Calm offers a 7-day free trial to all new users. This allows you to try out the app and see if it fits you before purchasing a subscription. Start a free trial here:

How to Sign Up

Signing up for Calm is as simple as visiting their website ( or downloading the app from your preferred app store. Just follow the prompts to create your account, select your subscription, and start enjoying the many benefits of Calm.

Customer Support

If you have any issues or questions, rest assured that Calm has a dedicated customer support team ready to assist you. They’re committed to ensuring that your experience with the app is as smooth and beneficial as possible.

Contact Calm Customer Support here:, or email

Overall, we give Calm Review a Cost Review Score of (4/5)

Calm Review FAQS

Let’s talk about some other aspects of Calm:

How To Cancel

You’re in control with Calm. If you decide the app isn’t for you, you can cancel your subscription anytime. It’s as simple as navigating your account settings and following the cancellation steps.

Refund Policy

Change your mind? No problem. Calm may offer refunds within 30 days of subscribing. It’s just another way that Calm puts its users first.

Privacy Policy

You may access Calm’s privacy policy here:


Are you looking for a science-backed approach to mindfulness? You’ve found it. Calm’s content is scientifically researched, providing peace of mind in more ways than one.

Phone Number

Unfortunately, Calm does not have a dedicated customer support phone number to assist you with queries or concerns.

Is Calm Review Review Legit Conclusion

Based on its wide range of features, personalized approach, overwhelming popularity, and grounding in scientific research, Calm is a legitimate and valuable tool for those looking to improve their mental wellness and incorporate mindfulness into their daily routine. 

While it may not be perfect, its benefits far outweigh its drawbacks, making it a worthy consideration for anyone seeking peace amidst the chaos of modern life.

Calm Review
  • Third Party
  • Cost
  • Quality
  • Design

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