Christian Marriage Counseling in Houston, Texas

By Jared Levenson - Reviewed on March 18, 2023
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If you are looking for a Christian marriage counselor in Houston, Texas, there are several steps you should take.

From browsing online directories and asking your local church for referrals to researching therapist credentials, finding the right marriage Christian counselor can be a complex process.

However, with the right information and guidance, it can be made much easier.

Let’s look at how to find Christian marriage counseling in Houston, Texas from licensed professional counselors. 

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Step 1: Research Online Directories and Reviews 

The first step is to research online directories such as Psychology Today that list Christian marriage counselors in your area.

Here is a link for your convenience, simply click to search for nationwide Christian counseling.

Psychology Today – Houston / Christian Counselors –

The websites provide detailed profiles of each therapist’s qualifications and experience as well as an endorsement feature to help you sort.

Step 2: Ask Your Local Church For Referrals 

Another effective way to locate a good Christian marriage counselor is to ask your local church for referrals.

Many churches have pre-screened counselors who specialize in working with couples facing marital issues.

Church members may also have personal recommendations for therapists they have worked with or know about from other congregants’ experiences with therapy services. They may even have marriage counseling worksheets in lieu of, or to complement therapy.

Step 3: Research Therapist Credentials 

Once you have narrowed down your list of potential counselors, it is important to research their credentials before making a final decision on who will be providing your therapeutic services at spiritual principles.

Be sure to check if they are licensed by the state (whichever state you’re located in) and if they specialize in treating couples specifically—as opposed to individuals—to ensure that you will receive the best possible care for your marital issues.

Additionally, many therapists offer free initial consultations so you can assess if the match is right for you before committing to ongoing sessions. 

List of “Christian marriage counseling” results in Houston, Texas

If you’re looking for a list of Christian marriage counseling results in Houston, Texas, Yelp is another great option.

Here is a Yelp search link for Christian Counseling in Houston:

  • Right Relationship Counseling
  • James Allen Christian Counseling
  • Houston Center for Christian Counseling
  • Royal Vision Counseling, LPC
  • Misti Nielsen, Marriage & Family Therapist
  • Sound Christian Counseling
  • Jennifer Pinkerton, Marriage & Family Therapist
  • Couples counseling, Christian couples, Trauma/EMDR
  • Jill Robin Payne, M.A., LPC-S, LCDC, BCPC, CRS

Please note: Not all of these counselors are Christian counselors – they are the search results we found using Yelp.

These counselors offer a variety of services such as relationship and marriage counseling and trauma/EMDR therapy. Each counselor has a unique approach to helping couples work through their issues and improve their relationships.

List of Black male therapists in Houston, Texas

If you are looking for a Black male therapist in Houston, Texas, there are many options available to you.

We used the Mental Health Match service, filtered for Houston and Black Therapists to come up with the list below.

You may use this link to search Mental Health Match for Houston and Black Therapists yourself:

The following is a list of some of the most highly recommended therapists in the area:

  • Aaliyah Maura, MS, LMFT-A
  • John Satchel Horatio Page
  • Live On Purpose Therapy, LPC
  • Brittany Woodley
  • Shanequia Seymore
  • Adonna Williams
  • Eboni Harris, MA, LPC, LMFT
  • Dr. D Ivan Young, MCC, NBC-HWC
  • Margaret H. Black, MA

Where Can I Find Free Christian Counseling?

If you are seeking free Christian therapy, you have a number of possibilities.

Please be aware that the majority of “free” alternatives give only a limited number of free sessions. There are numerous toll-free hotlines and online chats for support if you’re seeking free services.

Yet, the following are some of the greatest locations to find Christian therapy for free:

Where to Find A Black Christian Therapist?

Locating a black Christian therapist in your area can be a challenging and time-consuming endeavor.

You are in luck because there are a number of options available to assist you in finding the appropriate fit, such as family therapists.

In the end, it is essential to put in the effort required to conduct research and locate the most suitable therapist for your needs.

Therapy Resources for Black Men

You have the right to seek out a therapist who is familiar with your particular history and identity and who can help you.

Your search can, fortunately, benefit from the availability of a variety of resources, including the following:

  • You can get started by checking out Therapy for Black Men (, which is a comprehensive directory listing both male and female Black therapists who are working in private practice.
  • There is a lot of stuff on Alkeme Health, a digital platform, which can be found at It was created by Black mental health and wellness specialists.
  • The Black Emotional and Mental Health Collective, sometimes known as BEAM, aims to: ( If you are looking for Black therapists who are qualified to offer telehealth services, this group has a directory that you may access.
  • Black Men Heal is a non-profit organization that provides information on how individuals can receive free counseling from certain therapists. You can get more information by looking at this link (
  • Actress Taraji P. Henson is the founder of a charitable organization that bears her father’s name, the Boris Lawrence Henson Foundation. It assists individuals in locating therapists of color who are licensed to practice. Over at the Boris L. Henson Foundation website (, you’ll also find information on how to get free therapy.
  • Melanin and Mental Health: The mission of this organization is to assist clients of African and Latino descent in locating certified mental health providers who are familiar with their cultural norms. Start here ( if you are looking for therapists who are people of color.
  • You have access to a nationwide database of African-American therapists and their contact information if you go to the website for Psychology Today, which is well-known in the field of mental health and wellbeing. ( This link will take you to a page where you can search for an African-American therapist in your area.
  • Talkspace is a company that specializes in online and mobile therapy, and it gives licensed therapists access to the internet. You can select potential therapists based on a wide range of qualifications, one of which is the spiritual tradition they adhere to in their work.

It is essential that you keep in mind the significance of feeling at ease with your therapist and having faith in their ability to comprehend your requirements.

Make it a point to study on all of the available choices before settling on a certain vendor or service.

Is there a 24/7 free online chat for Christian counseling?

24 hours a day, seven days a week, do you seek a free online Christian counseling chat? You need look no further! There are numerous solutions available to provide you with the necessary assistance and support.

  • Chatnow offers free peer assistance through a 24-hour chatline, as well as Christian spirituality-related articles and other resources (
  • Anthem of Hope’s ( chat service is secure, private, and free.
  • Jesus Cares ( provides a free live chat with an individual who cares about your journey.
  • Questions God ( provides a secure environment to live chat with a caring Christian about God and life’s questions; it’s an additional free live chat alternative for Christians.
  • Bibles Free ( gives people the chance to discuss God in a secure environment; it also includes a free live chat option.

Christian Marriage Counseling in Houston, TX Conclusion:

Finding the right Christian marriage counselor in Houston takes some effort but is well worth it when you consider the long-term benefits of successful therapy.

With careful research through online directories and reviews as well as referrals from trusted sources like your local church, finding a reputable marriage counselor or Christian career counselor doesn’t have to feel overwhelming or intimidating—it can be quite empowering! So take some time today to start researching and begin your journey towards healthier relationships!

Finally, our team would love to hear from you! Please let us know if you have any questions about Christian marriage therapy topics or suggestions about what mental health product or service Online Mental Health Reviews should purchase and review next.

If you know of discounts, horror stories, or have personal experience with one of the products we review, please share in the comments section. The mental health journey begins and ends with the stories well tell ourselves, so do share yours!

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