English-Speaking Therapists in Germany: A Guide

By Jared Levenson - Reviewed on March 28, 2023
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For people in Germany who are seeking therapy for mental health issues, there is the option of seeking out an English-speaking therapist.

This option is beneficial for those who are not native German speakers and might struggle to communicate their innermost thoughts and feelings in a language that they are still learning. Or, sometimes you may simply want an English-speaking therapist.

In this guide, we will discuss the differences between German and English-speaking therapists, as well as the resources you can use in Germany to find help in choosing an English-speaking therapist. 

In reviewing this blog, our team really appreciated the overlap between German English speaking languages. We could not find a place that did not serve both languages.

However, for some of the websites and search filters below you may only search by location and not by any languages.

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Differences Between German and English Therapists 

The main difference between German and English therapists is the language they use. Although some German-speaking therapists may be able to converse with clients in English, most will prefer to conduct sessions in their native language.

This can be a barrier for non-native speakers, who might feel more comfortable expressing themselves in their language.

Additionally, there may be cultural differences that affect how therapy is conducted—for example, the relationship between therapist and client may be perceived differently depending on cultural norms. 

For example, therapy in Paris and Japan have distinctly different ‘feels’ than in Germany.

Advantages of Choosing an English-Speaking Therapist 

The primary advantage of seeking out an English-speaking therapist is that it allows English speakers to feel more comfortable during therapy sessions by being able to communicate their thoughts and feelings without having to worry about using a language that they are still learning.

The main reason a German-speaking individual may want an English-speaking therapist is that the pool of English-speaking therapists has more therapists than only German-speaking therapists. With more choices, you may be able to find higher quality English speaking therapists on average.

Why Has The Search For Psychotherapy In Berlin Become So Difficult?

The search for psychotherapy in Berlin has become increasingly difficult due to the high demand and limited availability of English-speaking therapists.

With a population of over 3.5 million people, there is a large need for mental health services, but only a few English-speaking therapists are available to meet this demand.

This has resulted in long waiting times and difficulty finding an appropriate therapist who speaks the same language as the patient.

Additionally, many of the therapists that do offer services in English are located outside of Berlin, making it difficult for those living in the city to access them.

Top 5 List Of English-Speaking Therapists, Psychiatrists, And Psychotherapists In Germany

The top 5 English-speaking therapists, psychiatrists, and psychotherapists are available in Germany and some internationally.

  1. TherapyRoute (Filter = Germany + manually set the English language) offers 84 search results for an English therapist in Germany.
  2. IAmExpat (German blog article here) provides 20-80 search results for English-speaking counselors, psychologists, psychiatrists, and more.
  3. Furthermore, It’s Complicated is an online match-making therapy service connecting both English speakers and German speakers to therapists in either language.
  4. My-International-Therapy is a German-based online therapy provider with 4 different languages.
  5. Doctena – International doctor and therapist provider network – Serves Germany and 5 other countries

Top 6 List Of English-Speaking Therapists, Psychiatrists, And Psychotherapists In Berlin

Simply click to search Berlin for English-speaking mental health professionals:

  1. KV Berlin – Therapists in Berlin who take public insurance. 56 search results with an English language filter!
  2. Therapie.de directory (English Filter) – 695 search results for English therapists in a 10-mile radius of Berlin
  3. Stillpoint Spaces – English coaching and counseling service located in Berlin (also serves German-speaking)
  4. ACT Berlin’s therapist directory – Association of Counselors and Therapists in Berlin – Our Top Recommendation – List of German and English-speaking therapists with background and contact info, language information, picture and more info.
  5. Doctena – Search doctors and therapists by language
  6. AngloInfo’s English-speaking therapist directory – Locate a therapist or counselor who offers counseling and coaching in English. In several districts of Berlin, psychotherapy, behavioral therapy, and relationship counseling are accessible.

How To Find A Therapist In Germany?

Finding a therapist in Germany can be done through various methods.

You can consult your GP (Hausarzt), search the internet for lists of therapists, or contact appointment service centers of the Associations for Psychotherapy in Germany.

Additionally, you can look for psychologists and therapists online, as well as mental health services that are covered by German public health insurance.

InformedHealth.org, an evidence-based provides an excellent guide to psychotherapy in Germany, as part of the mental health reform in Germany.

As part of Germany’s 2004 health care reform, the Institute for Quality and Efficiency in Health Care (IQWiG) was set up – which includes InformedHealth.org.

InformedHealth.org recommends you find mental health in Germany by:

  1. Initial consultations for psychological therapy can be accessed directly from a psychotherapeutic practice or through an Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians.
  2. Acute treatment can be accessed from psychiatric practices, outpatient psychotherapy departments, or specialized psychiatric or psychosomatic clinics without additional paperwork.
  3. Psychosocial counseling centers offer advice, provide information about support options, and initiate contact with those with mental health issues.
  4. Social psychiatric services offer free help to those with acute or chronic mental illnesses and may conduct home visits if necessary.

Online Psychologist In Germany

Online Psychologists in Germany offer a variety of services, including online counseling, e-therapy, distance therapy, couples counseling, and depression and anxiety treatment.

These services are available from top psychologists at an affordable cost and provide the convenience of being able to access them from the comfort of your own home.

Sources such as TherapyTribe, Sonia Jaeger, Complicated Life, Therapyroute, Online Counselling IO, and DrSafeHands can help you find the right psychologist for your needs.

How to Get Therapy for Free in Germany

You may get 4 free therapy sessions in the normal course of trying a therapist and German insurance must cover these costs in most cases.

According to InformedHealth.org3, “Statutory insurers in Germany cover the costs for up to four trial sessions at a psychotherapy practice. Each session of therapy typically lasts 50 minutes. Appointment service centers of the Associations of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians can also help you schedule an appointment for trial sessions.

It usually becomes clear during the trial sessions whether you want to work together with that therapist. If not, it’s possible to have further trial sessions in another practice. Only once you have decided to continue therapy with a particular therapist do they have to apply for approval from the client’s insurance company.”

How Much Does A Therapy Session Cost In Germany?

According to All About Berlin, the cost for a therapy session is 100€ per hour for a 50-minute session. While the costs of living expenses in Berlin are a bit higher than in the rest of Germany, 100€ per hour is a good ballpark number for therapy session costs throughout Germany.

Can A US Therapist Work In Germany?

It is difficult for a US therapist to work in Germany without being fluent in the local language. To work as a health care professional, German language proficiency is required. However, it may be possible to offer services to English-speaking ex-pats living in Germany.

It is important to research the national requirements and regulations for psychologists in Germany before attempting to practice there.

Can An American Therapist Practice In Europe?

Can an American therapist practice in Europe? The answer is yes, but it depends on the country and the regulations in place.

To practice as a psychologist in Europe, you must obtain a license from the state or country you are practicing in. You may also need to have specialized qualifications in psychotherapy depending on the country.

Additionally, some countries may require additional training or certifications for foreign practitioners.

How Much Does A Psychologist Cost In Germany?

If you are looking for a psychologist in Germany, the cost of a session depends on your healthcare plan. If you have a public health insurance plan, then you can expect to pay around 100.55 € per session (50 minutes).

How Much Does Therapy Cost In Berlin?

Therapy costs in Berlin vary depending on the type of therapy and whether you have public health insurance. Generally, individual therapy sessions cost around 100€ per hour, while group therapy can be cheaper.

If you have public health insurance, you may be able to find a therapist who accepts it as payment.

How Much Does A Therapist Cost Germany?

Therapy sessions in Germany are typically covered by public health insurance, with fees ranging from 70-100 euros per hour. However, there are specific requirements that must be met before the costs can be covered by the insurer.

Additionally, psychotherapy costs may also be deductible as extraordinary expenses according to German income tax law.

Which City Speaks English In Germany

Germany is a great place for English speakers to live and work. The cities of Berlin, Munich, Hamburg, Stuttgart, and Frankfurt are the top German cities for English-speaking jobs.

Berlin has the most English speakers followed by Munich. Düsseldorf in North-Rhine Westphalia also ranks high in terms of English proficiency.

Additionally, Cologne is a widely visited city where English is widely spoken in the main central and tourist areas.

Is It rude To Speak English In Germany

It is not rude to speak English in Germany. Most Germans are either polite enough to reply in English without comment or willing enough to accommodate a mentally challenged person.

It is also considered polite for visitors to make an effort to learn a few phrases before visiting Germany.

Do Non-Native English-Speaking People Living In Germany Seek Out Therapy In English?

Yes, non-native English-speaking people living in Germany do seek out therapy in English. This is because most people are fluent in English if having lived in Germany. Many therapists in Berlin offer sessions in English and there are also online therapy options available.

Additionally, some universities may offer degrees taught in English related to therapy.

Aside From Expatriates Who Have Been Relocated To Germany For Business Purposes, What Other Populations Would Seek Out A Native English-Speaking Therapist?

Aside from expatriates who have been relocated to Germany for business purposes, other populations who may seek out a native English-speaking therapist include individuals living in countries where English is not the primary language, such as Poland and Israel.

Additionally, people living in areas with large Hispanic or Latino populations may also seek out English-speaking therapists due to language barriers.

Finally, those seeking online therapy services may prefer to work with an English-speaking therapist.

The Top 3 reasons to seek out English-speaking therapists:

  1. Your preference
  2. More choices (higher quality)
  3. Want to practice expressing your feelings in English, or sharpening your English skills as a nice benefit to therapy as well

English-Speaking Therapists in Germany Conclusion: 

For those living in Germany who are looking for therapy services, there is the option of finding an English-speaking therapist.

While there are some differences between German and English-speaking therapists such as language barriers or cultural differences, there are also many advantages to choosing an English-speaking therapist such as feeling more comfortable communicating during therapy sessions or tapping into specialized training or experience possessed by certain professionals that can benefit your situation specifically.

Ultimately it is up to you to decide what type of therapist works best for you so take your time researching different options before making any decisions!

Please know there are resources for bilingual therapists all around the world, such as in Germany, Spanish-speaking countries, Paris, and Japan.

Our team wants to hear your thoughts too! Let us know which mental health software product that Online Mental Health Reviews should explore and review next. Please share discount codes, horror stories and your experiences so we may all benefit!

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