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By Jared Levenson - Reviewed on August 20, 2023
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Speech therapy is a valuable resource for individuals with speech and communication disorders. Having suitable materials is essential to ensure the success of therapy sessions.

Speech therapy is an evidence-based approach as well:

  • 730 kids in speech-language study, between the ages of 3 and 16 were all identified with primary speech and/or language impairment without any learning, physical, or sensory problems.
  • The treatment consisted of clinic-based interventions based on local departmental standards. 
  • Overall, regarding comprehension, expression, and speech (each p<0.001), treatment was much more helpful than no treatment after 6 months.
  • An average of 6 hours of speech and language therapy over 6 months can make a big difference in a child’s performance, and it is more effective than no treatment over the same 6 months for children with main speech and/or language impairment.

The Online Mental Health Review Team is qualified to write about speech therapy materials due to our professional background in mental health, including experience working at residential centers and having degrees in psychology or related fields.

In this blog post, we will explore critical materials for various situations in speech therapy, whether speech therapy students working with children or adults, addressing speech disorders, or tackling communication challenges.

The MUST HAVES: Speech Therapy Materials List (Amazon Picks)

The MUST HAVES: Speech Therapy Materials List (Amazon Picks) is a curated collection of essential speech therapy materials available on Amazon. Professionals in the field of autism have recommended these materials, and they are popular choices for speech-language pathologists (SLPs) and special educators.

Some of the must-have speech therapy materials include:

  1. Magnetic Wand and Chips: This tool helps with sorting, matching, and sequencing activities.
  2. Dry Erase Dice: These can be used for various language and articulation games and exercises.
  3. Foam Dot Dice: Like dry-erase dice, foam dot dice can be used for language and articulation activities.
  4. Sand Timers: Sand timers are helpful for activities that require timing and pacing, such as fluency exercises.
  5. Talking Flash Cards: These flashcards are designed for speech therapy and focus on sight words, speech development, and early language skills.

While these materials may be convenient and helpful, consulting with a speech-language pathologist or therapist is essential to ensure the chosen materials are appropriate for your child with specific needs and goals.

Speech Therapy Materials – Products for Children and Adults

Speech therapy materials for children and adults are essential resources speech-language pathologists (SLPs) use to teach children, enhance communication skills and treat language disorders. These materials are specifically designed to target various speech and language development aspects.

  • Articulation Cards: Articulation cards are versatile tools for targeting specific speech sounds. These cards typically feature colorful pictures representing words with targeted sounds. They provide visual cues and help individuals practice correct sound production and articulation.
  • Speech Folders: Speech folders are handy organizers with therapy materials, worksheets, and visual aids. They provide a portable and organized way to keep track of progress, store resources, and engage clients during sessions. Speech folders can be customized with personal goals, visuals, and motivational elements.
  • Visual Aids: Visual aids play a vital role in speech therapy, particularly for individuals with comprehension or expressive language difficulties. These aids include charts, posters, and flashcard-free materials that teach vocabulary, grammar, and language concepts. Visual aids facilitate understanding, reinforce learning, and enhance communication skills.
  • Worksheets and Workbooks: Worksheets and workbooks offer structured exercises to target specific speech and language goals. They provide opportunities to practice and reinforce articulation, phonology, syntax, and pragmatics skills. Worksheets can be tailored to individual needs and progress at various difficulty levels.
  • Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) Devices: For individuals with severe speech impairments or nonverbal communication, AAC devices are indispensable. These devices range from simple picture-based communication boards to high-tech electronic devices with voice output. AAC allows individuals to express themselves effectively and participate in conversations.
  • Oral Motor Tools: Oral motor tools help strengthen and coordinate the muscles involved in speech production. Items like tongue depressors, chewy tubes, and straw exercises can improve oral motor skills, articulation, and swallowing abilities. These tools are particularly beneficial for clients with motor-based speech disorders.
  • Language Games and Apps: Engaging clients through interactive language games and apps can make therapy sessions enjoyable and motivating. Language games and apps provide opportunities for practicing vocabulary, grammar, comprehension, and social skills in a fun and interactive manner. Additionally, they can be customized to target specific areas of improvement.

It’s important to note that while these sources provide valuable options, it is advisable to consult with a speech-language pathologist for personalized recommendations based on individual needs and goals.

Please consult a qualified professional before purchasing materials to ensure they meet your needs.

Multisensory Activities and Ideas for Speech Therapy

Speech Therapy | Blowing Activities to Develop Speech (@Help4Special )

Multisensory activities are widely used in speech therapy to engage multiple senses and enhance learning and communication skills.

These activities reinforce speech and language development by stimulating different meanings, such as sight, sound, touch, and movement.

Some ideas for multisensory activities in speech therapy include:

  1. Sensory Bins: Creating sensory bins with materials like rice, sand, or water can provide tactile and visual stimulation while incorporating speech and language targets.
  2. Kinesthetic Movements: Incorporating movements and gestures into speech exercises can help reinforce vocabulary and improve articulation.
  3. Sensory Play: Engaging in sensory play activities like playing with playdough or using textured materials can promote language skills and fine motor development.
  4. Visual Aids: Visual aids such as flashcards, pictures, or videos alongside speech exercises can enhance comprehension and vocabulary acquisition.
  5. Multisensory Cueing: Incorporating visual, auditory, proprioceptive, and tactile cues can help children with apraxia of speech improve their speech production skills.

Free Speech Therapy Resources

Finding free speech therapy materials is valuable for speech-language pathologists and individuals seeking to enhance their communication skills. Numerous websites and platforms offer various popular free speech therapy materials.

Here are some of the most popular sources:

  1. Speechy Musings: This website provides over 194 free speech therapy materials, including visual aids, book lists, and step-by-step activities. Speechy Musings: Favorite Free TPT Downloads
  2. Speech and Language Kids: They offer a list of essential speech therapy materials and their best free resources for download. Speech and Language Kids: 11 Free Speech Therapy Materials
  3. Speech Therapy Store: This platform offers free speech therapy digital materials, printables, and websites suitable for distance learning. Speech Therapy Store: Free Speech Therapy Activities for Digital Distance Learning
  4. Home-Speech-Home: They provide extensive free speech therapy resources, such as printable flashcards and word vault essentials. Home-Speech-Home: Speech Therapy Resources You Need Right Now
  5. Fusion Web Clinic: Their website highlights the top six places to find free pediatric SLP (Speech-Language Pathologist) resources, including Speech and Language Kids, Feeding Matters, and Home Speech Home. Fusion Web Clinic: The Top 6 Places to Find Free Pediatric SLP Resources
  6. Medical SLPs: This website offers free speech therapy materials created by medical SLPs. It includes activities, worksheets, evaluations, and handouts. Medical SLPs: Free Speech Therapy Materials
  7. Anna Dee SLP: They have compiled a list of free speech therapy resources specifically designed for busy SLPs on a tight budget. Anna Dee SLP: Mega List of Free Speech Therapy Resources
  8. Communication Community: This platform provides over 20 free speech therapy worksheets and printables for various speech and language goals. Communication Community: Free Speech Therapy Worksheets and Printables

These sources offer diverse materials suitable for different age groups and communication needs. Exploring these websites and platforms is essential to find resources that align with specific speech therapy session goals and individual requirements.

You may also want to check out our guides to: Top 5 Online Games for Speech Therapy, Better Speech Review – Best for Affordable Online Speech Therapy and Finding the Right Bilingual Therapist Near You.

Bilingual Speech Language Therapy Materials

Bilingual speech-language therapy materials are resources designed to support individuals who require therapy for speech and language difficulties in multiple languages.

These materials benefit bilingual individuals or those who speak a language other than English as their primary language. Here are some sources where you can find bilingual speech-language therapy materials:

  1. Bilinguistics: Bilinguistics offers a wide range of speech therapy materials that are applicable, user-friendly, and research-based. These resources aim to increase student success and improve diagnostic accuracy. Biolinguistics: Speech Therapy Materials and Free Resources
  2. Bilingual Speechie: Bilingual Speechie is a blog that provides bilingual (English and Spanish) resources and activities for speech-language therapy. The website offers a collection of materials to support bilingual speech therapy. Bilingual Speechie: Bilingual Speech Therapy Resources
  3. Speech Therapy Talk: Speech Therapy Talk features a variety of free Spanish speech therapy materials. These materials include Spanish speech and language resources, articulation and language smash mats, and Cariboo cards.
  4. Speechabla: Speechabla is a platform that offers high-quality bilingual therapy materials and resources for speech-language therapy. Their goal is to provide support to both speech-language pathologists and parents in bilingual settings.
  5. Northern Speech: Northern Speech provides various speech therapy materials for language and communication disorders. They offer resources such as Kaufman Apraxia materials, Literacy Speaks, and more.
  6. Bilingual Speech Therapy Resources: Bilingual Speech Therapy Resources offers materials in English and Spanish to support speech therapy in bilingual settings. Their resources aim to help professionals stay organized and prepared.

These sources provide a link to a variety of materials and resources for bilingual speech-language therapy. When using these materials, it’s essential to consider the individual’s needs and consult a speech-language pathologist to ensure proper guidance and personalized instruction.

On a related note, you can even find Spanish-speaking marriage counseling. Another example of bilingual therapy!

Speech therapy materials Conclusion: 

Having suitable materials in speech therapy is crucial for effective intervention and progress.

Articulation cards, speech folders, visual aids, language worksheets, AAC devices, oral motor tools, and language games contribute to successful therapy sessions. When selecting materials, it is essential to consider individual needs, preferences, and goals.

Remember, the ultimate goal is to enhance communication skills, boost confidence, and empower individuals on their speech therapy journey.

Our team values your input! Please comment below if you have any questions about speech therapy materials or suggestions on mental health software products for us to review next. Online Mental Health Reviews is here to help you make informed life decisions and provide the best resources for your mental health journey.

If you find yourself in an emergency

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