Finding Free Mental Health & Online Therapy Support via Reddit Comments

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In today’s world, mental health can be a difficult topic to discuss.

Many people are hesitant to seek help for their mental health concerns due to stigma or a lack of resources, or simply don’t know about online therapy.

Here’s how you can use Reddit to find free mental health support and advice. 

How To Find Free Mental Health Resources On Reddit 

If you’re looking for free mental health resources on Reddit, there are several subreddits devoted to providing advice and support related to various topics such as anxiety, depression, stress management, relationship issues, body image concerns, and more.

For example, r/Anxiety has over 500k subscribers who share personal experiences and offer tips and advice related to managing anxiety disorder symptoms.

There are also many other subreddits dedicated specifically to providing emotional support and helpful tips for those struggling with mental illness or emotional distress such as r/SuicideWatch and r/Depression_.

All these subreddits allow users to post questions anonymously while receiving feedback from others in similar situations. 

Reddit – Where to Find Mental Health Resources

Here is one of the most helpful comments we found featured on Reddit:

What is free online therapy reddit?

Free online therapy resources have become increasingly popular on Reddit, with users seeking affordable and accessible mental health support.

While some platforms like Betterhelp offer paid services with licensed therapists, there are also free options available such as 7 Cups of Tea, which provides trained listeners to chat with.

Other sources suggest searching for referrals through Psychology Today or Therapy Den, asking trusted friends for recommendations, or even reaching out to resident students at universities for free therapy sessions.

Is there a way to talk to a therapist online free on reddit?

free online therapy reddit

If you’re wondering if there is a way to talk to a therapist online for free, and you want Reddit comments to guide you, here are some bullet points to consider:

  • Reddit has various communities dedicated to mental health support and discussions, such as r/mentalhealth and r/anxiety.
  • Some of these communities may have licensed therapists or mental health professionals who offer advice or support for free.
  • However, it’s important to note that talking to an unlicensed or unqualified individual can be risky and potentially harmful.
  • It’s also possible that some communities may have strict rules against offering professional advice or therapy services.
  • If you’re looking for free online therapy options, it may be more reliable and safe to explore reputable websites such as eTherapyPro or Free Online Therapy.

Is there any free online therapy available Mentioned in Reddit Comments?

There are a variety of resources available on Reddit for individuals seeking free online therapy. While some options may not provide licensed therapists, they can still offer support and guidance through trained volunteers. Here are some bullet points outlining the available options:

  • 7 Cups of Tea offers free online “listeners” who have been trained in basic therapeutic techniques.
  • Some universities, such as the University of Phoenix, may offer free therapy sessions with resident students.
  • Psychology Today and Therapy Den can provide referrals for licensed therapists who offer free consultations.
  • Trusted friends may be able to recommend their own therapists who offer free consultations or sliding scale fees.
  • It’s important to note that crisis hotlines, such as the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline (1-800-273-TALK), are also available for immediate support.

Online Mental Health Reviews provides a list of four free internet counseling services

If you want free internet treatment that can put you in touch with licensed mental health specialists, support groups, and emergency care, you have many options.

  1. Check into support groups and online communities that can assist people in coping with mental health issues such as anxiety and depression.
  2. Learn more about the free teen-focused online counseling support accessible to anybody under the age of 18 right here.
  3. Learn about the free, 24/7 internet resources that can assist you with rape, domestic violence, suicide, and other situations that potentially risk your life.
  4. Get more information about online couples counseling.


free online therapy reddit

Reddit provides an opportunity for individuals who might not be able to afford traditional therapy sessions (or who feel uncomfortable speaking with a therapist) the chance to reach out and receive help from other people in similar situations completely free of charge.

With its anonymity feature combined with its large user base, Reddit is becoming increasingly popular as a source of emotional advice for those dealing with psychological issues such as depression, anxiety disorders, PTSD, bipolar disorder etc.

Whether you’re looking for advice about managing your symptoms or just looking for someone who understands what you’re going through—Reddit can be a great place to find the help that you need without having to spend any money!

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