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By Jared Levenson - Reviewed on February 22, 2023
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Today’s social media climate is extremely tough on teens’ mental health.

If you’re a teenager in search of counseling, or a worried parent with limited financial resources, you’re not alone and you are not helpless.

Many teens and families are turning to online counseling to help them deal with their mental health issues in a safe and confidential environment without breaking the bank.

With free online counseling, teens can access professional counseling services no matter where they live or what time it is – regardless of cost.

But finding the right kind of counseling isn’t always easy—many services are either too expensive or don’t cater specifically to teenagers.

In this blog post, we’ll go over some great resources for counseling for teens so that you can find the help that you need. 

Please be aware that it is the goal of Online Mental Health Reviews to normalize and demystify mental health.

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Free Online Counseling for Teens

Finding the right therapist can be a daunting task, especially if you are a teen or parent looking for free online therapy.

Fortunately, there are many options available to those seeking help.

Here are some additional resources and descriptions below too.

Crisis Text Line

Crisis Text Line is a free 24/7 text-based crisis hotline for youth ages 13-24 (

The service provides trained counselors who can help teens through difficult times and provide them with the tools and resources they need to cope with their mental health issues. All conversations are anonymous, confidential, and secure.

You can reach them by texting “HOME” to 741741 from anywhere in the US. 

988 Suicide & Crisis Lifeline

The 988 Suicide & Crisis Lifeline provides 24/7 support for those dealing with suicidal thoughts or who may be in crisis. They offer both phone (988) and web options ( so that teens can get help quickly when they need it most. 

7 Cups

7 Cups is an anonymous chat platform that connects people in need of mental health support with trained listeners (

They also offer group chat rooms where people can talk to one another about their struggles without judgment or the stigma attached.

All conversations on 7 Cups are private and confidential, making it a great way for teens to get emotional support without feeling exposed or vulnerable in any way.   

What is free online counseling for teens?

  • Free online counseling for teens offers access to professional counselors who can help them cope with stress, anxiety, and other issues.
  • Services such as Teen Counseling, Teladoc, LiveHealth Online, Talkspace, Amwell, MDLive, and TeenCounseling provide free online counseling for teens.
  • Teens can talk to a counselor via phone or video chat to discuss their problems in a safe and secure environment.
  • The counselors are licensed professionals who are experienced in helping young people deal with their issues.
  • Many free online therapy resources for teens also rely on volunteers to provide free emotional support and connect users to licensed mental health professionals via subscription plan.

Why does free counseling for teens exist?

Free counseling for teens exists to provide a safe and supportive environment for teenagers to discuss their mental health issues.

It allows them to access professional help from the comfort of their own home, without having to worry about the stigma associated with traditional therapy.

Counseling for teens also provides an opportunity for teens to connect with other young people who may be going through similar experiences.

  • To provide a safe and supportive environment for teenagers
  • To allow access to professional help from the comfort of their own home
  • To reduce the stigma associated with traditional therapy
  • To create an opportunity for teens to connect with other young people who may be going through similar experiences

How do you use free online counseling for teens?

Online counseling for teens is a great way to get the help they need without having to leave the comfort of their own homes.

With free consultations and board-accredited therapists, online counseling can be a great option for teens who are seeking help.

Here’s how you can get started with counseling:

  • Choose an online provider
  • Look into free consultations
  • Research licensed professional therapists
  • Find out what services are offered
  • Consider any fees or costs associated with the service (see free resources below)
  • Connect with a therapist and start your sessions

Do people like free online counseling for teens?

In recent years, counseling for teens has become increasingly popular.

It provides a convenient and secure way for teens to access mental health services without having to leave the comfort of their own homes.

Furthermore, many teens in today’s society connect through their phones and online apps.

While there are downsides to online counseling and mental health apps, there are many positive aspects to online counseling for teens as well:

  • Accessible from the comfort of home
  • Convenient and flexible
  • Secure and confidential
  • Can provide support with mental health issues such as anxiety and depression
  • Can be a cost-effective option compared to traditional therapy

What are the problems with online counseling for teens?

The problems with online counseling for teens can be numerous.

For example, the quality of care may not be as high as with a paid service, there may be limited access to resources, and the counselor may not have the same level of expertise or experience as a licensed therapist.

Furthermore, there may be limited support available if the teen needs additional help or resources.

  • Quality of care may not be as high
  • Limited access to resources
  • Counselors may not have the same level of expertise or experience
  • Lack of confidentiality and privacy protections
  • Limited support is available if the teen needs additional help or resources

Free online counseling for teens In Austin, Texas (TX)

We have a variety of parents and email subscribers who have requested that we put together a brief resource of free online counseling resources for teens in Austin, Texas (TX):

  • Teen Counseling: Offers convenient, affordable online therapy from licensed, board-accredited therapists.
  • The Well Counseling Center: Provides teen therapists in Austin, TX who specialize in adolescent issues.
  • Just Mind: Offers in-person and online teenage counseling services in Austin TX.
  • Austin Teen Therapy: Specializes in teen and young adult individual therapy, family therapy, and parent coaching services in Austin TX.
  • Thriveworks Austin: Offers counseling services to parents and their teens in the Austin TX area.
  • Austin Family Counseling Provides counseling services to teens in the Austin TX area with the help of teen counselors and therapists.

Which Teens May Benefit From free online counseling?

Online counseling for teens is an accessible, affordable way to get the help they need.

While online therapy services can have many issues, overall teen counseling online offers convenient, board-accredited therapy from licensed therapists that can be accessed in a more convenient way.

This type of counseling is ideal for teens who may not have access to traditional in-person therapy due to cost or location, in addition to:

  • Teens who may not have access to traditional in-person therapy due to cost or location
  • Teenagers who are looking for a convenient and affordable way to get help
  • Teens who want board-accredited therapy from licensed therapists

Which Teens Should Not Use Online Counseling

  • Teens who are not comfortable with technology or the internet
  • Teens who prefer face to face therapy
  • Teens who have difficulty expressing themselves through written communication
  • Teens who are in crisis and require immediate professional help
  • Teens who are at risk of self-harm or suicide and require emergency intervention
  • Teens with severe mental health issues that need medical treatment

Four free online therapy resources are listed by Online Mental Health Reviews.

If you want free online therapy that can put you in touch with certified mental health professionals, as well as support groups and emergency care, you have a lot of options.

  1. Check out the comments on Reddit about free online support for mental health.
  2. Look for support groups and online forums that help people deal with depression and anxiety.
  3. Find out about the free online services that are available 24/7 to help with suicide, domestic violence, rape, and other life-threatening situations.
  4. Find out more about online therapy for couples (free and paid)


Free online counseling is an invaluable resource for teenagers looking for someone to talk to about their mental health struggles without fear of judgment or the stigma attached.

With these available resources, teens should have no problem finding the support they need from certified professionals—all at no cost!

Remember though; if you’re feeling overwhelmed by your emotions or struggling with suicidal thoughts please reach out immediately – there are people out there who want to help!

Ultimately, don’t be afraid to ask for help when you need it—your mental health matters!

Additional Online Chat Options

Online chat is becoming an increasingly popular choice. If you want more info on a sub-niche or topic, please delve further with these resources:

  1. 24/7 Online Counseling
  2. 7 Cups Of Tea: Mental Health Review
  3. Teen Counseling Resources Online
  4. Depression: Free Online Counseling Resources
  5. Dermatologist Consultations: Free Online Options
  6. Free Vet Advice Online
  7. Doctor Consultations Online (Limited Free)
  8. Life’s Challenges Chat Platforms
  9. Meet Friends via Free Online Chat
  10. Teens and Therapy: Free Online Options
  11. Top Free Online Chat Platforms
  12. Find a Therapist: Free Online Chat
  13. Legal Advice: Top Free Online Chat Resources
  14. Benefits of a Free Online Therapist
  15. Free Stranger Chat Platforms

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