Free Online Marriage Counseling Worksheets: Strengthen Your Relationship

By Jared Levenson - Reviewed on June 9, 2023
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Marriage counseling worksheets can be an invaluable resource for couple therapy looking to improve communication, resolve conflicts, and strengthen their bond.

In this post, we’ll explore the aims and goals of using free online marriage counseling worksheets, discuss who they’re best suited for, and provide a selection of high-quality resources to help you on your journey toward a healthier, happier relationship.

Free Marriage Counseling Online: Advice on unity in marriage.

Aims and Goals of Marriage Counseling Worksheets

The primary goals of marriage counseling worksheets are to:

  • Improve communication between partners
  • Identify and address underlying issues in the relationship
  • Enhance emotional intimacy and connection
  • Develop healthy conflict-resolution skills

These resources are ideal for couples who want to proactively work on their relationships, whether they’re currently experiencing difficulties or simply seeking to maintain a healthy partnership.

Who Can Benefit from Marriage Counseling Worksheets?

While these worksheets can be helpful for many couples, they may not be suitable for everyone. Those dealing with severe relationship issues, such as abuse or addiction, may require professional intervention. Additionally, some individuals may prefer face-to-face therapy sessions with family therapists (duh!) instead of self-guided worksheets.

Benefits and Limitations


  • Cost-effective: Free resources make it accessible to all couples.
  • Flexibility: Worksheets can be completed at your own pace and in the comfort of your home.
  • Focused approach: Target specific areas of your relationship that require improvement.


  • Lack of personalized guidance: Worksheets don’t offer tailored advice based on your unique relationship dynamics.
  • Limited support: Couples facing more complex issues may need additional assistance beyond what worksheets can provide.

Top Free Online Marriage Counseling Worksheets

  1. The Gottman Institute’s Relationship Worksheets: The Gottman Institute is renowned for its research-based approach to improving relationships. Their free worksheets cover topics such as communication, trust, family therapy, and conflict resolution.
  2. Psychology Tools’ Marriage Worksheets: Psychology Tools offers a wide range of worksheets that focus on improving communication skills, emotional regulation, and relationship building.
  3. Therapist Aid’s Couples Therapy Worksheets: Therapist Aid provides numerous worksheets addressing various aspects of relationships, including intimacy, communication, and forgiveness.
  4. Love Languages Worksheet: Based on Dr. Gary Chapman’s popular book, this worksheet helps couples identify their love languages to better understand each other’s needs.

Additional Couples Therapy Worksheets:

Additional Resources and Support

Best Relationship Activities for Couples

• Couples can strengthen their overall relationship satisfaction by taking a class together, going on date nights, playing games together, exercising together, talking about dreams and goals, and making time for themselves individually.

• These activities help couples bond and grow closer to one partner while learning more about each other.

• Taking the time to focus on each other and work towards common goals is essential to maintaining a healthy relationship over time.

The Weekly CEO Meeting

The Weekly CEO meeting is a couples therapy exercise and involves various online marriage counseling worksheets.

  1. Review progress on the implementation of free online marriage counseling worksheets.
  2. Discuss any challenges or successes encountered in making these resources available to couples.
  3. Brainstorm ideas for further promoting the use of these worksheets and other resources for couples therapy.
  4. Assess the impact of these worksheets on marriages and relationships overall.
  5. Identify areas for improvement in terms of access, quality, and effectiveness of marriage counseling worksheets.

The 7 Breath-Forehead Connection Exercise

• Couples can use the 7 Breath-Forehead Connection Exercise, part of free online marriage counseling worksheets, to build intimacy and connection.

• The exercise involves sitting across from each other, leaning their foreheads against each other’s, and breathing in sync for seven deep breaths.

• Other exercises include Eye Contact, Hand Holding, Hugging, Listening, Sharing, and Appreciation Exercises.

• Each exercise involves two minutes or five minutes of contact and listening without speaking or breaking contact.

Key Couples Therapy Techniques and Exercises

Couples therapy exercises are an effective way to build better communication and stronger romantic relationships.

• I Statement Exercises help couples express feelings and needs non-confrontationally.

• Soul Gazing provides a much deeper level of connection for partners, by sitting close and allowing vulnerability.

• Clarifying Statements exercise assists couples in asking questions to gain clarity without making assumptions.

• Developing A Culture Of Appreciation encourages focusing on the positives of the relationship.

• Making Gratitude Lists help partners appreciate each other more deeply.

• Fun Activities To Try Together strengthens the bond and creates positive interactions and shared memories.

• Resolving Arguments Before Bedtime prevents resentment from building over time.

• Learning An Instrument Together can be an enjoyable activity with quality time together.

• Hiking And Exploring Nature Together get out into nature, enjoy fresh air, get some exercise, and spend quality time together away from everyday life.

• Making Online Videos Together allows couples to express themselves creatively while learning about each other.

Taking the Next Step with Talkspace

Talkspace is a great next step for couples who have already tried therapy tools and want to improve their relationship even more.

Talkspace is an online site where licensed therapists offer professional therapy sessions.

  • This makes it easy for busy couples who may not have the time or money to go to sessions in person to get help.
  • By switching from self-guided worksheets to working with a professional therapist, couples can learn more about how their relationship works, get help that is specific to them, and work through more complicated problems that worksheets may not be able to solve on their own.

Our team has bought and reviewed Talkspace so that we could tell you more about what it can do for you. We found that the platform has flexible scheduling, a wide range of therapists who specialize in different areas of mental health, and the ability to interact through text, audio, or video messages, so it can meet different preferences and needs.

Overall, switching to Talkspace after using worksheets for couples therapy can make therapy much more effective by giving couples expert advice and personalized support to help them get through problems and build stronger, healthier relationships.

Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT)

Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) is a type of counseling intervention that helps people to become aware of, express, and utilize their emotions to improve their relationships according to Positive Psychology.

  • EFT exercises cognitively focus on helping clients to identify and address the underlying issues that are causing distress in their relationships.
  • These EFT exercises can include identifying and challenging negative thought patterns, exploring feelings of vulnerability, and learning how to communicate more effectively with partners.
  • Additionally, EFT incorporates somatic techniques such as tapping acupressure points on the face and body to reduce stress and anxiety.

Behavioral Therapy (CBT) in Couples Therapy (+Printable PDF)

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is an effective form of couples therapy that helps partners identify and address the root causes of their relationship issues.

• According to research1, through CBT, couples learn how to better communicate, build trust, and resolve conflicts.

• Additionally, printable worksheets can help them practice the skills they learn in therapy.

• Key components include identifying triggers and patterns in interactions, learning how to communicate effectively, developing problem-solving skills, building trust and understanding, working together to develop healthy boundaries, and exploring underlying beliefs about relationships.

Assertive Communication Worksheets

Assertive Communication Worksheets are a great way to help couples learn how to communicate effectively.

These worksheets can help couples identify their communication styles, practice assertive responses, and learn how to express themselves respectfully and effectively. Assertive Communication Worksheets can be found online for free, and include activities such as:

  • Identifying assertive communication styles
  • Practicing assertive responses
  • Learning how to express feelings in an effective manner
  • Developing strategies for resolving conflicts
  • Understanding the importance of respect in communication
  • Exploring different ways of expressing needs and wants

By using these worksheets, couples can learn how to communicate more effectively with each other, leading to healthier relationships.

The Four Horsemen Worksheet

The Four Horsemen Worksheet is a free online marriage counseling worksheet designed to help couples identify and address the four most common negative communication patterns that can lead to relationship breakdown.

The four horsemen are criticism, defensiveness, contempt, and stonewalling.

By understanding the four horsemen and how they can affect relationships, couples can work together to build healthier communication habits and create a more positive environment for their relationship.

Free Online Marriage Counseling Worksheets Conclusion

Free online marriage counseling worksheets can be an excellent starting point for couples looking to improve their relationships.

By understanding the aims, goals, benefits, and limitations of these resources, you can make informed decisions for the future about how to strengthen your bond. Remember, professional help is always available if needed.

By following the practical steps outlined in this guide, you’ll be well on your way to finding affordable and effective marriage counseling services nearby. There are also marriage counseling worksheets, resources for marriage counseling goals, African American marriage counseling, and Spanish-speaking marriage counselors.

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  1. Fischer DJ, Fink BC. Clinical processes in behavioral couples therapy. Psychotherapy (Chic). 2014 Mar;51(1):11-4. doi: 10.1037/a0033823. Epub 2013 Dec 30. PMID: 24377400; PMCID: PMC4766977.

If You Are In Crisis

In Case of Emergency If you’re experiencing a crisis, waiting for an online therapy session might not be safe. In urgent situations, especially if you or someone else is in danger, call 911 immediately. This includes instances where you have thoughts of self-harm or harming others. For those contemplating self-harm, the 988 Suicide and Crisis Lifeline is available 24/7 by dialing 988.

Additionally, you can reach out to the National Helpline of the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) at 1-800-662-HELP (4357). This helpline offers free, confidential assistance for individuals struggling with mental health or substance abuse issues, providing information and treatment options 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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