How to Find a Black Therapist in Washington, DC

By Jared Levenson - Reviewed on March 27, 2023
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Finding a black therapist in Washington DC who understands your culture and experiences can be difficult.

There is a long history of racial discrimination in the area that has left black people feeling excluded from the mental health space.

However, it is possible to find a black therapist in the Washington DC area—and in this blog, you’ll find a variety of resources, preset filters, and much more. 

Our online therapy blog also includes black therapy resources in the cities of Chicago, Charlotte, Los Angeles, Minnesota, and Atlanta.

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The History of Racial Discrimination in DC 

Since the founding of our nation’s capital society, families of color have faced systemic racism and marginalization in Washington, DC.

During the 19th century, segregation laws prohibited African Americans from accessing services such as education and healthcare power.

Mental health services were no exception; until 1954 most psychiatrists did not accept African American patients and patients had to go to state-run mental health centers which lacked quality care. 

How You Can Find A Black Therapist Located In Washington, DC 

Both My Therapist Co and Therapy Group DC exclusively serve local Washington D.C. clients.

  1. My Therapist Co ( is a “One-stop shop for finding black therapists in the DMV area.”
  2. Therapy Group DC ( is another great resource with the “aim to help you integrate each aspect of your identity into the work of therapy including gender, sexual orientation, and national origin”.

What is the DMV area near DC?

“DMV,” which stands for “District of Columbia, Maryland, and Virginia,” is sometimes used to refer to the National Capital Region, which is part of the Washington metropolitan area. Interstate 495 goes around the area, and the places inside it are called “Inside the Beltway.”

How to find a good therapist in Washington, DC

Finding a good therapist in Washington, DC can be a daunting task. However, there are some steps you can take to ensure you find the right fit for your needs.

  • First, research therapists who specialize in the concerns and reasons you’re seeking therapy. Make sure to read reviews and check out their credentials to make sure they are qualified.
  • Second, make sure it’s a great personal fit – look for someone who is understanding and compassionate, and to that, you feel comfortable talking.
  • Finally, consider logistics such as location and availability of appointments. With these steps in mind, you’ll be able to find the best therapist for your needs in Washington, DC.

Use these links below to quickly search prominent therapy directories that have been set for Washington D.C.

  1. ZenCare – Washington DC – Therapists –
  2. Psychology Today – Washington DC – Therapists –
  3. Good Therapy – Washington DC – Therapists –

List Of Black Therapists In Washington, DC

Finding a Black therapist in Washington, DC doesn’t have to be tough!

There are many resources available to help you find the right fit for your needs. Here are two respected directories that are specifically set for Black Therapists in Washington, DC:

  1. Psychology Today / Washington DC –
  2. Mental Health Match / Washington DC / Black –

Where To Find A Black Male Therapist In Washington, DC?

If you’re looking for a black male therapist in Washington, DC, one of the best options is Therapy for Black Men. The search filter below you can click to search for Black therapists in DC through Therapy for Black Men:

Where To Find A Black Female Therapist In Washington, DC?

Finding a black female therapist in Washington, DC is not difficult. There are many resources available to help you locate one.

Where To Find A Black Male Counselor In Washington, DC?

You can find a Black male counselor in Washington, DC through the ThriveWorks + search filter here:

Here is another list of Free Online Counseling Resources for Depression.

Where To Find A Black Psychiatrist In Washington, DC?

Finding a black psychiatrist in Washington, DC is more difficult but definitely not impossible. Try these 2 resources to begin finding a black psychiatrist in DC:

  1. You may start with the “Finding a Black Psychiatrist” search function on the website Black Mental Health:
  2. Setting the Psychology Today search filter to Psychiatrists / Washington DC / African-American is another good start:

Where To Find A Black Massage Therapist In Washington, DC?

If you’re looking for a black massage therapist in Washington, DC, you have plenty of options. From top-rated spas like Paris Alexander Day Spa and Euphoria Healing & Wellness to individual therapists like Milestone Therapeutic Service and Capitol Hill Massage, there are many excellent choices.

How Much Does A Therapist Make In Washington, DC?

Here are the results from several different salary estimators, when specifically set to Washington DC:

How Much Does A Therapist Cost In Washington, DC?

According to Therapy Group DC1, as of 2021, clients in DC, a more expensive city in the United States, can expect to pay an average of $230 per session. Some DC therapists will charge less than $200 per session, while experienced therapists with a Ph.D. will charge closer to $300 per session.

This does not include costs of transport, childcare, and any other costs incurred. However, there are also affordable low-cost therapy services available in the area, with some therapists charging as little as $65 per hour. Additionally, some clinics offer sliding scale fees based on income level.

How Much Is A Therapy Session In Washington, DC?

Therapy sessions in Washington, DC can cost anywhere from $70 to $300 per hour depending on the type of session, with a good estimate of the average cost for a therapy session in Washington DC being $230.

However, with online, sliding scale, and some other free or low-cost counseling services, such as through universities, churches or other government programs – the actual cost of a therapy session in Washington DC is hard to determine.

It is best to contact the therapist or practice directly for more information about their rates and services.

The Average Cost Of Therapy In Washington, DC?

The average cost of therapy in Washington, DC is around $230 per session. However, the costs of therapy can vary depending on whether you are online, in person, or other factors.

How Can I Get Free Therapy In Washington, DC?

Finding free therapy and mental health services in Washington, DC is possible.

One of the best free mental health resources in Washington, DC is the DC Department of Behavioral Health2:

  • DBH provides behavioral health services and support from community-based private providers located in neighborhoods throughout the District, with an option to choose between facility-based care or community services.
  • Service options include diagnostic/assessment services, counseling, medication, intensive day treatment, crisis/emergency services, peer support, supportive employment opportunities, housing assistance, and community housing alternatives.
  • Specialized services are available for individuals who are deaf/hearing impaired, have limited or no English speaking ability, or have co-occurring intellectual disabilities.
  • An urgent care clinic is available at 35 K Street NE for walk-in appointments.
  • Pharmacy services are also provided at 35 K Street NE for uninsured individuals.
  • Emergency facilities and mobile crisis teams provide psychiatric emergency care and treatment on the grounds of DC General Hospital and in homes/communities/streets respectively.
  • Services are also provided at Moultrie Courthouse to defendants referred by judges who show signs of mental illness or substance abuse.
  • Adults with legal questions can have their behavioral health evaluated and treated through Pretrial or Post-trial services.

Does Insurance Cover Therapy In Washington, DC?

Most health insurance plans in Washington, DC provide coverage for mental health services such as therapy. The exact amount of coverage and the number of sessions covered per year will vary depending on your specific plan.

It is important to contact your insurance provider to understand the details of your coverage before beginning therapy.

Black Therapists in Washington, DC Conclusion: 

It is important that people of color feel they have access to quality mental health care services regardless of their background or economic status.

While it may take some extra effort on your part—such as utilizing online resources or asking around at local churches—it is possible to find a qualified black therapist in Washington DC who can provide compassionate care tailored specifically towards your needs and perspectives as an individual from an underrepresented group.

With some research and patience, you should be able to find a therapist who meets all your requirements so that you can start feeling better soon!

Lastly, our team would love to hear from you! Leave a comment below with any questions about how to find a black therapist. You may also share your suggestions on which mental health service, app, or course our Online Mental Health Reviews platform should review next.

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