Just Answer Review – Best If You Need An Expert Second Opinion for Healthcare or Legal Answers

By Jared Levenson - Reviewed on August 14, 2023
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Just Answer Review – Best If You Need An Expert Second Opinion for Healthcare or Legal Answers

In a world where mental health has taken center stage, the need for reliable, accessible, and expert advice is paramount. 

As professionals in private practice or parents wrestling with anxiety, the challenges can often feel overwhelming. 

The burden of juggling multiple responsibilities and the ever-present uncertainty in today’s climate can increase anxiety and stress levels. 

But amidst this chaos, there’s a ray of hope – ‘Just Answer.’

Just Answer is not the best tool to answer your questions; Google is plenty good at that. However, Just Works is significant in two situations:

  1. Expert Guidance (Not Answers): Suppose you are deeply entangled in a complex issue requiring research and investigation. In that case, Just Answers experts can likely provide assistance and advice to help you determine the best course of action.
  2. Getting a Second Expert Opinion: Just Answer also works as a second opinion. For example, if you got an expensive and questionable bill from the hospital and wanted to check with an expert for $50-60 dollars if this was a reasonable charge, spending a few hundred dollars for support as you navigate this issue through the legal system could be easily worth the cost.

‘Just Answer’ is an online platform that connects you with subject matter experts across various fields. But as we mentioned above, they don’t provide the best answers and often point you to the next step.

But – whether you’re grappling with a complex legal question at the break of dawn or seeking financial advice to help clients navigate their issues, ‘Just Answer’ serves as a lifeline in these turbulent times.

However, it’s essential to note that ‘Just Answer’ shines brightest when used to delve into complex topics over an extended period. It may not be the best choice for simple queries, as the responses provided shift the responsibility back onto you. 

To get the most out of the platform, you must be prepared to challenge the experts on ‘Just Answer’ and ask probing questions. 

While these professionals are well-versed in their respective fields, they are also quite busy, meaning their responses may not always be as detailed as you might hope.

But don’t let this deter you. 

When used correctly, ‘Just Answer’ can be a powerful tool for individuals seeking in-depth knowledge from professionals who know their topic. It’s like having your team of experts on call, ready to provide reliable answers whenever you need them.

So if you’ve been feeling trapped by mental health concerns such as anxiety, PTSD, OCD, trauma, depression, and other challenges and are looking for the right online product, tool, or course to help you overcome them, ‘Just Answer’ could just be the solution you’ve been waiting for.

In this review, we’ll dive deep into the features, benefits, and user experiences of ‘Just Answer.’ 

We’ll explore how this platform can serve as a valuable resource for anxious parents and private practice professionals. 

So stay tuned as we unravel the potential of ‘Just Answer’ in addressing your mental health concerns, helping you make an informed choice for your well-being.

Just Answer
  • Third Party
  • Quality
  • Cost
  • Design


Best if you need a second opinion from an expert in healthcare or law.


  • Quality and Consistency
  • Limited Interaction
  • Pay-Per-Question Model
  • No Long-Term Relationship
  • Lack of Personalization
  • Privacy Concerns
  • Scope of Expertise
  • Reliability of Information
  • No Physical Examination
  • Navigation and User Experience


  • Access to Expertise
  • Convenience
  • Wide Range of Categories
  • Quick Responses
  • Mobile App
  • Follow-up and Alerts
  • Cost-Effective
  • Availability
  • Anonymity
  • Expert Customization

About Just Answer 

Just Answer is an online platform that connects users with experts from various fields to obtain personalized advice, information, and solutions to their questions and concerns. 

  • Users can ask questions on multiple topics, such as medical, legal, technical, automotive, and more. 
  • Experts on the platform provide responses and guidance based on their expertise. 
  • Users typically pay a fee to receive answers to their questions, and the platform aims to provide convenient and accessible assistance to individuals seeking expert advice without needing in-person appointments or consultations.

Who is Just Answer Best For

Everything You Need to Know About Atlanta Premarital Counseling

Just Answer is best suited for individuals seeking quick and convenient expert advice or solutions to specific questions or issues. It can be beneficial for:

  • People with Specific Questions: Those with specific questions or concerns seek quick answers or guidance from professionals in various fields.
  • Situational Issues: Individuals facing a unique situation or problem that requires expert insight, such as legal matters, medical concerns, technical troubleshooting, or home improvement projects.
  • Emergency Situations: People who need immediate advice or information in urgent situations where it might be not easy to access traditional professional help quickly.
  • Information Seekers: Individuals who want to learn more about a specific topic or need clarification on complex subjects from experts.
  • Convenience Seekers: Those who prefer getting expert advice from the comfort of their own homes rather than scheduling in-person appointments or consultations.
  • Remote Locations: Finding local experts in specific fields might be challenging for people who live in remote or underserved areas.
  • Cost-Effective Solutions: Individuals seek cost-effective alternatives to traditional consultations or services. Just Answer often offers a pay-per-question or pay-per-minute model that can be more affordable for some users.

Who Should Not Use Just Answer 

therapy for teens

While Just Answer can be a helpful platform for many individuals seeking expert advice, certain situations and people might not find it suitable:

  • Urgent or Critical Medical Issues: Just Answer can provide general medical information and advice, but it’s not a substitute for immediate medical attention. If you have a medical emergency or a critical health issue, you should seek assistance from a qualified medical professional or go to a hospital.
  • Legal Matters Requiring Representation: For complex legal matters that require legal representation or involve court proceedings, it’s advisable to consult with a licensed attorney in your jurisdiction.
  • Long-Term or Ongoing Conditions: If you have ongoing medical, legal, or other complex issues, it’s generally better to establish a relationship with a dedicated professional who can provide consistent and comprehensive support.
  • Sensitive or Personal Matters: Just Answer is a public platform, and while efforts are made to protect user privacy, some users might feel uncomfortable discussing sensitive or personal matters in an online forum.
  • Emergency Situations: While Just Answer provides convenient access to experts, there might be better platforms for emergencies where immediate physical assistance is required.
  • Highly Specialized or Niche Topics: Just Answer may only sometimes have experts available in specialized or niche fields, so users seeking advice on particular subjects might not find the platform suitable.
  • Limited Budget: While Just Answer can be cost-effective for some, those with minimal budgets might prefer to seek free resources or government services.
  • Language Barriers: Just Answer primarily operates in English, so individuals uncomfortable with the language might need help communicating.
  • Minors: Just Answer’s terms of use require users to be 18 years old. Children should have parental guidance and consent if using the platform.
  • Those Seeking Personal Relationships or Counseling: Just Answer is a platform for seeking expert advice rather than personal relationships or counseling services.

My Experience with Just Answer 

just answer review

My experience with Just Answer was a mixed bag. We asked questions about the following:

  • 5150s in California
  • Sleep disorder diagnosis
  • Health advice
  • Veterinarian questions

At times, I found myself waiting from a couple of minutes to an annoyingly long 15 minutes to receive a response to my questions. And when those answers finally came, more often than not, they left much to be desired.

This is why you need to be prepared to grill the experts. I suggest immediately getting a new expert if unsatisfied with your assigned one. However, the overall vibe from 4 experts was ‘curt.’

Many responses were frustratingly vague and failed to address my queries directly. It was disheartening to realize that I often received the information I already knew rather than the insightful advice I hoped for.

But, for a $5 trial, it probably was worth the try I gave it.

As for the website – navigating it proved to be a puzzle in itself, too. The user interface could have been more user-friendly, leaving me feeling lost and frustrated as I tried to make sense of its convoluted layout. The payment structure was another thorn in the side.

Ultimately, I sought more than just a quick fix – seeking genuine guidance and expert insights.

Unfortunately, Just Answer fell short of delivering on that front.

The experience left me feeling somewhat cheated, with more questions than answers. I had hoped for a platform that would provide valuable assistance promptly, but the reality often felt like an uphill battle against confusion and disappointment.

However, my ‘secret shopper role’ prevented me from grilling the experts, which is required to get value from Just Answer.

Had I a significant legal issue, or a tricky healthcare question, where I could challenge the expert on technical questions, I feel the service would be worthwhile.

In other words, I felt like I needed to research the question myself and was disappointed the answers weren’t given to me on a silver platter. However, in doing my research, I had severe confusion where getting a second opinion from an expert was easily warranted for $60; I feel Just Answer services could help guide me in the right direction.

Best Features and How Just Answer Works

  1. Access to Expertise: Just Answer provides users access to various experts across various fields, including medical, legal, technical, automotive, and more. This allows users to get advice and information from qualified professionals who can provide insights and solutions to their questions and concerns.
  2. Convenience and Quick Responses: Just Answer offers a convenient way to seek expert advice without needing in-person appointments or consultations. Users can ask questions anytime and receive responses relatively quickly, which can be especially beneficial for urgent or time-sensitive matters.
  3. Diverse Topics: The platform covers various topics, ensuring users can find experts to assist them with different issues. Whether troubleshooting a technical problem, getting legal guidance, or seeking medical advice, Just Answer aims to connect users with relevant experts who can address their inquiries.

While the design isn’t anything special, overall, it gets the job done.

Overall, we give Just Answer a Design Score of 4/5

Just Answer Website

  • Just Answer: A snapshot of a user’s interactions and experiences on the Just Answer platform. The users engage with experts from different categories, including Dog Veterinary, Doctors & Specialists, and Lawyers.
  • My Questions: Listed are questions the user asks as well as community members
  • Contact Us: the URL did not work (bad request)
  • My Account: User settings such as username, password, etc, where changes can be made

What You Get in Just Answer After Your Purchase

  1. Ask for help, 24/7: Members of this service have 24/7 access to a diverse group of over 12,000 verified experts, spanning fields such as medicine, law, technology support, automotive repair, veterinary care, home improvement, and more.
  2. An Expert will respond in minutes: Once you make contact, we pair you with a specialized expert suited to your needs. Communicate via talk, text, or chat according to your preference, and even share documents and photos for their review.
  3. Save time + money!: With Just Answer, you avoid scheduling difficulties, work disruptions, and costly consultations. Membership can lead to substantial time and financial savings every month.

While Just Answer can be a valuable service, many people with more casual inquiries trying Just Answer’s one-week trial will be disappointed in the brevity of the expert answers.

Overall, we give Just Answer a Quality Score of 3.8/5

Just Answer Pros


Here are some potential pros of using Just Answer:

  • Access to Expertise: Just Answer provides access to a diverse range of experts in various fields, allowing users to receive advice, guidance, and solutions from qualified professionals.
  • Convenience: Users can ask questions and receive expert responses without needing in-person appointments or consultations, making it a convenient option for obtaining information and assistance.
  • Wide Range of Categories: Answer covers a broad spectrum of topics, ensuring that users can find experts to address their specific questions and concerns across different areas, from medical and legal to technical and more.
  • Quick Responses: Many users find that they receive timely answers to their questions, making it useful for urgent inquiries or time-sensitive matters.
  • Mobile App: The availability of a mobile app allows users to engage with experts on the go, and it offers features like free calls within the app.
  • Follow-up and Alerts: Users can receive helpful alerts and follow-ups from professionals, providing additional guidance and ensuring a more comprehensive understanding of their issues.
  • Cost-Effective: Just Answer’s pay-per-question or pay-per-minute model can be cost-effective compared to traditional consultation fees, especially for brief inquiries.
  • Availability: The platform operates 24/7, enabling users to connect with experts at any time, day or night, regardless of location.
  • Anonymity: Users can seek advice without revealing personal information, providing a degree of anonymity that might be preferred in certain situations.
  • Expert Customization: The option to add favorite experts and utilize a username can create a more personalized and tailored experience when interacting with professionals.

Just Answer Cons

Here are some potential cons or drawbacks of using Just Answer:

  • Quality and Consistency: The quality of advice provided by experts on Just Answer can vary, and users may encounter responses that could be more specific, complete, or entirely accurate. Some users may feel that the level of expertise could be more consistent.
  • Limited Interaction: While the platform offers a way to interact with experts, the format might not be as comprehensive as in-person consultation, particularly for complex or nuanced issues.
  • Pay-Per-Question Model: While Just Answer’s pay-per-question or pay-per-minute model can be cost-effective for quick inquiries, it can become expensive for users who need frequent or extensive advice.
  • No Long-Term Relationship: Just Answer is more geared toward one-time interactions rather than establishing ongoing relationships with experts, which may be preferred for continuous or evolving issues.
  • Lack of Personalization: While the option to add favorite experts and a username exists, some users may find that the platform needs a personal touch or the ability to build rapport with professionals.
  • Privacy Concerns: Despite efforts to protect user privacy, some individuals may have reservations about discussing sensitive or personal matters on a public platform.
  • Scope of Expertise: Just Answer might only sometimes have experts available in highly specialized or niche fields, limiting its usefulness for users with particular inquiries.
  • Reliability of Information: Since experts provide advice based on the information provided by users, there is a possibility of misunderstandings or misinterpretations, leading to inaccurate or misleading guidance.
  • No Physical Examination: The absence of a physical examination can limit the accuracy and scope of expert advice for medical or health-related inquiries.
  • Navigation and User Experience: Some users may need help navigating the website or app interface, impacting their overall experience.

Just Answer Third-Party Reviews

Overall, we give Just Answer a Third-Party Review Score of 4.2/5

Just Answer – Is It Evidence-Based?

Just Answer is a platform that offers expert advice across various fields. 

However, it can be challenging to determine if the information provided is evidence-based due to a lack of precise verification and expert credentials. 

The absence of certificates and detailed qualifications raises concerns about the reliability of the advice. 

Moreover, some users have encountered vague responses, which may undermine the platform’s credibility and effectiveness in delivering accurate and insightful guidance.

What Problems Does Just Answer Best Help?

Just Answer can be beneficial for a variety of problems and inquiries. It excels in assisting with:

  • General Information: Just Answer is an excellent resource for obtaining information on various topics, including health, law, technology, home improvement, and more.
  • Quick Answers: Users seeking quick answers to specific questions can find Answer helpful. It’s particularly beneficial for inquiries that don’t require a lengthy consultation.
  • Urgent Situations: In urgent situations requiring immediate expert access, Just Answer can provide fast responses and guidance.
  • Advice and Second Opinions: Users seeking advice or a second opinion before making decisions on medical treatments, legal matters, or other vital choices can benefit from experts’ insights.
  • Technical Troubleshooting: Just Answer is valuable for diagnosing and resolving technical issues with gadgets, appliances, software, and more.
  • Legal Guidance: Users can get preliminary legal guidance and insights into their legal situations, such as understanding their rights, responsibilities, and potential courses of action.
  • Health and Medical Queries: While not a substitute for professional medical care, Just Answer can offer information and advice on health concerns and medical conditions.
  • Homework and Research: Students and researchers might find Answer helpful for getting explanations and insights into complex subjects.
  • Home Improvement: Individuals seeking guidance or step-by-step instructions for DIY projects and home repairs can benefit from experts’ advice.
  • Personal Finance: Users seeking financial advice on budgeting, investments, taxes, and more can get insights from financial experts on Just Answer.

How do I Sign-Up to Just Answer? 

  1. Visit the Just Answer Website: Go to the Just Answer.com website using a web browser on your computer or mobile device.
  2. Click “Register Now”
  3. Choose Your Membership Type: Just Answer may offer different membership options, such as pay-per-question or subscription plans. Select the membership type that suits your needs.
  4. Provide Required Information: Fill out the registration form with your details, including your email address and password. Depending on the membership type, you might also need to provide some additional information.
  5. Payment Information (If Applicable): If you’re signing up for a paid membership, you must provide payment information. This can include credit card details or other payment methods.
  6. Agree to Terms and Conditions: Read and agree to Just Answer’s terms of service and privacy policy.
  7. Complete the Signup Process: Follow the prompts to complete the signup process. You might need to verify your email address or go through additional steps.
  8. Start Using Just Answer: Once your account is set up, you can start using Answer to ask questions, receive answers, and interact with experts in various fields.

Alternatives to Just Answer 

  1. Quora: Quora is a popular question-and-answer platform where users can ask questions on various topics and receive answers from a community of experts and enthusiasts. While only sometimes as specialized as Just Answer, Quora offers diverse insights and perspectives.
  2. Avvo: Avvo is a platform focused on legal advice and assistance. It connects users with lawyers who can guide them on legal matters. Avvo also offers legal information, ratings, and reviews of lawyers to help users make informed decisions.
  3. HealthTap: HealthTap is a platform dedicated to health and medical advice. Users can ask questions about their health concerns and receive answers from licensed physicians. HealthTap also offers virtual consultations and personalized health recommendations.

DIY Steps 

If you’re looking for DIY steps to troubleshoot or address common issues without using platforms like Just Answer, here are some general guidelines you can follow:

  • Research and Gather Information: Use reputable websites, forums, and instructional videos about your issue. Consult user manuals, guides, or documentation that came with the product or service you’re dealing with.
  • Identify the Problem: Clearly define the problem or issue you’re facing. Make a note of any error messages, symptoms, or unusual behavior.
  • Basic Troubleshooting: Start with simple troubleshooting steps, such as turning the device off and on again, checking for loose connections, or restarting software applications. Look for online resources that provide common troubleshooting steps for your specific issue.
  • Search for Solutions: Use search engines to find step-by-step guides or tutorials that address your problem. Look for articles, videos, or forum threads created by experts or experienced users who have successfully resolved similar issues.
  • Follow Detailed Instructions: Carefully read and follow the instructions, ensuring you understand each step before proceeding. Take your time and avoid rushing through the process.
  • Tools and Equipment: Gather any necessary equipment to perform the DIY steps. Ensure you have the right tools and that they are in proper working condition.
  • Safety Precautions: Prioritize safety at all times. If your DIY task involves electricity, chemicals, or other potential hazards, follow safety guidelines and wear appropriate protective gear.
  • Document Your Progress: Take photos or notes as you work through the steps. This can be helpful if you need to backtrack or consult an expert later.
  • Stay Patient: Some DIY tasks can be time-consuming and require patience. Avoid taking shortcuts to ensure a thorough and successful resolution.
  • Trial and Error: Be prepared for the possibility that not all DIY attempts will be successful. If you encounter challenges, don’t hesitate to seek further guidance. List of DIY steps at home. Examples include self-care, meditation, sleeping better, journaling, communication, etc.

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How Much Does Just Answer Cost 

Unlimited conversations—one-time $5 join fee (gives one week of access) and $45-$125/month.

Any Discount or Free Trial?

However, the $5 join fee gives you a week of access to text-based conversations. The $5 join fee gives you a ‘free’ week-long trial to ask unlimited questions. 

While the service may not be helpful for everyone, it can pay for itself quickly if you have a complex issue.

Overall, we give Just Answer a Cost Score of 4/5

Refunds, Pausing, and Cancellations

Just Answer says they will be able to process refunds only in the following scenarios:

  • You did not get any answer to your posted question or;
  • You are not happy with the quality of the solution provided by the expert.
  • A refund will be given only for the current month of your membership. If this applies to you, contact Customer Care.

Just Answer In The News

Class action lawsuit filed against Just Answer, according to Times of San Diego.

Is Just Answer Legit Conclusion

Overall, Just Answer is a mixed experience. 

While it can quickly answer various inquiries, several issues were encountered. Some broken links on the platform could have helped navigation. 

Response times ranged from as short as 2 minutes to around 14 minutes for chat interactions. The platform offered the option to pay for phone calls, which might not suit everyone’s preferences. 

Some answers were notably vague or redundant, repeating information the user knew. Furthermore, not all questions were fully addressed, leaving room for dissatisfaction. The website’s user-friendliness needed to be improved, potentially causing frustration. 

While it might suffice for swift answers, similar information could often be found through a simple Google search. 

In complex cases, however, Just Answer has the potential to shine, as you can quickly access professional help or guidance for a second-hand opinion and consultation as you continue dealing with whatever health, legal, or financial issues you’re struggling with.

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