Little Otter: A Review for Parents Seeking Mental Health Support for Kids

By Jared Levenson - Reviewed on October 8, 2023
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Best for Online Child & Family Therapy & Psychiatry
Best for the Whole Family: Little Otter's Comprehensive Mental Health Support for Kids Best for the Whole Family: Little Otter's Comprehensive Mental Health Support for Kids
$0 -$195 / Month

Little Otter offers a holistic approach to children's mental health, providing personalized therapy for kids aged 0-14 and support for the entire family. With licensed therapists and user-friendly technology, it makes mental health care accessible and personalized. However, be aware that its higher costs and limited insurance coverage may not suit all budgets. Privacy-conscious parents might also desire more explicit information on data protection. A great choice if you're seeking comprehensive, family-centric mental health support, but do consider your family's unique needs and resources.

  • Intuitive, user-friendly website
  • Swift response to inquiries
  • Skilled, attentive clinicians
  • Valuable insights from therapists
  • Emailed invoices and receipts
  • Fluctuating pricing structure
  • Limited insurance acceptance
  • High service costs
  • Inability to select therapists
  • Restricted psychiatrist availability
  • Personalized pediatric mental health care
  • Flexible scheduling options
  • Comprehensive online therapy for families
  • Transparent, flat-rate fees
  • User-friendly website interface
  • Psychiatry and medication management services
  • No cancellation or commitment fees

Navigating the world of children’s mental health can be daunting, especially when you’re a parent seeking support for your child. That’s where we come in.

Hi, we are the Online Mental Health Review team, a group of dedicated professionals who have spent years evaluating and understanding various mental health platforms.

Our goal is to simplify this journey for you, providing clear, easy-to-understand reviews to help you make informed decisions. Today, we bring you our insights on Little Otter, a rising star in online therapy for kids.

We understand that, as parents, you have specific concerns about choosing the proper mental health support for your child. Budget constraints, age-appropriate therapy options, familiarity with technology, and the extent of your child’s pain are all factors you must consider. Is the platform professional enough? Does it cater to both parents and students?

These questions are valid and vital. We’ve dived deep into these aspects in our review of Little Otter, aiming to address each of these pain points and provide you with the information you need.

From our thorough evaluation, it’s clear that Little Otter stands out as a comprehensive online therapy platform offering personalized care for children. However, given its limited insurance acceptance, it may not be the perfect fit for everyone.

Still, while its higher price point and limited insurance coverage might be a hurdle for some, it is an invaluable resource for those who prioritize accessibility and tailored mental health care for their children.

Little Otter  Third-Party Reviews

  • 4.4/5 With 18 Reviews From > Glass Door
  • 5.0/5 With 7 Reviews From > Indeed
  • 4.5/5 With 22 Reviews From > Apple Store

Overall, we give Little Otter  a Third-Party Review Score of (4.5/5)

About Little Otter


The mission of Little Otter is to provide personalized, accessible, and quality mental health care for children and their families. They strive to create a safe virtual space where children can receive the care they need and families can find support and guidance.

Company Background

Founded by the dynamic mother-daughter duo Dr. Helen Egger and Rebecca Egger, Little Otter has established itself as a niche online therapy service catering to young children and families. The company offers a wide array of services, including teletherapy for children aged 0 to 14, parent training and support, parent coaching sessions, couples therapy, individual adult therapy, family therapy, and psychiatric services for children.


Little Otter’s services are designed to meet the unique needs of each family. Therapy sessions at Little Otter start with a 30-minute welcome session with a care coordinator, followed by general therapy appointments or a psychiatry assessment. Users can also message their therapist through the patient portal or the app, and video sessions are conducted through Zoom for convenience and accessibility.

Visit their website:

Pricing and Insurance

While the services provided by Little Otter are comprehensive, they come at a premium cost. The pricing includes an initial welcome session for $90, a $540 assessment bundle, a 12-session bundle for $2,040, and psychiatry sessions for $250 per session. Little Otter only accepts Kaiser Permanente insurance and does not offer discounts or promotions.

User Experience

The Little Otter website and app are user-friendly and provide access to resources, messaging with the care team, and scheduling sessions. While some users wished for more therapist diversity and cultural understanding, Little Otter received positive feedback on therapist qualifications and the quality of care.

Expansion Plans

With a vision to extend its reach, Little Otter plans to expand its platform to more states and become available nationally by 2023. As of now, it is available in 11 states and Washington DC.

What Makes Little Otter Unique and Different 

Personalized Pediatric Care

At the heart of Little Otter’s mission is providing personalized mental health care for children. While many online therapy platforms cater to adults, Little Otter fills a critical gap by focusing on children aged 0 to 14. This specialization, backed by Dr. Helen Egger’s clinical expertise, sets Little Otter apart in teletherapy.

Family Inclusive Therapy

Little Otter believes in providing comprehensive care that includes the entire family. In addition to child and adolescent therapy, they offer couples therapy, family therapy, and parental coaching. This holistic approach considers the interconnected dynamics within a family and helps support every family member.

Expert-Led Team

The team at Little Otter is not just any group of professionals. Led by world-renowned child psychiatrist Dr. Helen Egger, the duo brings together experts committed to breaking down barriers to mental health services. Their collective experience and dedication have been instrumental in Little Otter’s success and growth since its launch.

User-Friendly Platform

Accessibility and ease of use are central to Little Otter’s service delivery. Their user-friendly website and app provide access to resources, communication with the care team, and session scheduling. This focus on user experience makes it easier for families to navigate their mental health journey.

On-Demand Integrated Care

Little Otter’s platform offers virtual, on-demand, and integrated care with specialists, including psychiatrists, for medication management. Combining services under one platform provides convenience and continuity of care, which can be especially beneficial for families managing complex mental health needs.

Expansive Vision

Little Otter is not just an online therapy service; it is a vision to normalize mental healthcare for kids and bring expert mental healthcare to all. With plans to expand its platform to more states and significant funding backing its growth, Little Otter is poised to impact pediatric mental health care substantially.

List of Little Otter Features

little otter dashboard
  1. Personalized Therapy for Children aged 0-14: Little Otter recognizes that the mental health journey is unique to every individual. They offer specialized teletherapy services designed specifically for children within this age group. Whether your child is dealing with anxiety, depression, ADHD, or behavior challenges, Little Otter’s evidence-based treatment plans are personalized to meet their specific needs. This feature ensures your child gets the right help at the right time.
  2. Whole Family Approach: Imagine a service that doesn’t just focus on your child but considers the entire family unit. That’s what Little Otter offers. They understand that when a child struggles with mental health issues, it affects everyone in the family. As such, they offer parent training and support, couples therapy, and family therapy, ensuring everyone is involved and supported throughout the treatment process.
  3. Expert Care Team: With Little Otter, you’re not just getting help; you’re getting expert help. Their team comprises licensed therapists, parenting specialists, early childhood-trained therapists, and pediatric psychiatrists. These professionals have dedicated their careers to understanding and helping children and families navigate mental health challenges. You can rest assured that your child is in capable hands.
  4. User-Friendly Website and App: Little Otter has taken strides to ensure their platform is easy to navigate. From accessing resources and scheduling appointments to messaging the care team, everything you need is at your fingertips. The convenience of having on-demand access to mental health experts and support cannot be overstated.
  5. High Clinical Improvements: Little Otter is not just about providing mental health support; they’re about results. They report that 85% of families using their care plans have reached clinical improvements within just six sessions. This statistic speaks volumes about the effectiveness of their treatment approach and the quality of care they provide.
  6. Accessible and Scalable Precision Technology: Little Otter leverages technology to improve their services. They use data, proprietary assessment methods, and data visualization to enhance early childhood mental health identification and treatment. This feature allows them to provide children and families with precise and effective mental health support.
  7. Focus on Diversity and Inclusion: At Little Otter, everyone is welcome. They value diversity and inclusion and have made strides to incorporate cultural competence in therapy. Their blog includes categories dedicated to marginalized groups, such as BIPOC families, LGBTQIA, and gender identity and expression. This focus ensures that every child and family feels seen, heard, and understood.
  8. Flexible Scheduling: Life can be unpredictable, and Little Otter gets that. They offer both weekly and bi-weekly therapy sessions, accommodating most schedules. This flexibility ensures you always have access to care when you need it.
  9. Expansion Plans: Little Otter aims to make their platform available in all 50 states by 2023. This expansion will allow more families to access their personalized mental health support. It’s a testament to their commitment to reach as many families as possible and make a difference in the lives of children across the country.

Who is Little Otter Best For (And Not For)

Home-Based ABA Therapy Plan for [Child's Name]

Little Otter is Best For:

  1. Children and Adolescents Aged 0-14: Little Otter specializes in providing mental health services to children and adolescents in this age group. So, if you’re a parent of a young one navigating big feelings or tough challenges, Little Otter could be your go-to resource.
  2. Families Seeking Comprehensive Care: Little Otter adopts a “whole family” approach. They offer child and adolescent therapy, couples therapy, family therapy, and parental coaching. This holistic approach ensures that all family members receive the support they need.
  3. Parents Needing Coaching and Support: Parenting can be challenging, especially when your child struggles with mental health issues. Little Otter offers parent training and support sessions, providing parents with tools and strategies to support their children better.
  4. Individuals Seeking Expert-Led Care: With a team led by renowned child psychiatrist Dr. Helen Egger, Little Otter offers expert-led care that users have positively rated for quality and therapist qualifications.
  5. Kaiser Permanente Insurance Holders: If Kaiser Permanente insures you, you’re in luck. Little Otter is one of the few online therapy platforms that accept this insurance.

Little Otter Might Not Be the Best For:

  1. Those Seeking In-Network Therapy Options: Since Little Otter currently accepts only Kaiser Permanente insurance, it may not be suitable for those seeking a broader range of in-network therapy options.
  2. Those Preferring In-Person Therapy: Little Otter is an online therapy platform. You might want to explore other options if you or your child prefer face-to-face interaction and in-person therapy sessions.
  3. Those Looking for Promotions or Discounts: Little Otter prioritizes quality care over discounts. If budget is a significant consideration for you, it’s important to note that Little Otter does not offer promotions or discounts.

Overall, we give Little Otter a Quality Score of (3.8/5)

Comparison of Little Otter with Alternatives, Competitors

Little Otter

Little Otter stands out for its specialized focus on children and families. This platform offers personalized, virtual child and adolescent mental health care, couples therapy, family therapy, and parental coaching.

Pros of Little Otter:

  • Specialized in child and family therapy
  • User-friendly website and app
  • Live video call sessions
  • HIPAA compliant
  • High user satisfaction ratings for provider options, therapist qualifications, and value for money

Cons of Little Otter:

  • Limited insurance acceptance (only Kaiser Permanente)
  • Higher cost compared to some competitors, with no promotions or discounts
  • The online-only format may not suit all users


Amwell is another online therapy service that offers a wide range of mental health services. However, unlike Little Otter, Amwell focuses more on adolescents than younger children and does not provide a family-focused approach.

Pros of Amwell:

  • Provides therapy for adolescents
  • High user satisfaction ratings
  • A broad range of mental health services

Cons of Amwell:

  • No specialized focus on young children or families
  • The online-only format may not suit all users

Kip Therapy

Kip Therapy provides mental health care focusing on reaching historically excluded individuals. While this commitment to inclusivity is commendable, Kip Therapy has received lower user ratings than Little Otter and Amwell.

Pros of Kip Therapy:

  • Focus on providing accessible mental health care to historically excluded individuals
  • Offers a range of mental health services

Cons of Kip Therapy:

  • Lower user satisfaction ratings
  • No specialized focus on children or families
  • The online-only format may not suit all users

Overall, we give Little Otter a Design Score of (3.8/5)

How Much Does Little Otter Cost, How to Sign-up, and Customer Support 

How Much Does Little Otter Cost?

Let’s take a closer look at the cost breakdown of Little Otter’s services:

  1. Insurance: Little Otter is currently in-network with some insurance plans. If they’re out-of-network with your insurance, they’ll provide you with the necessary documentation (a superbill) to submit for reimbursement. Typically, plans reimburse 40-70% of therapy and psychiatry sessions after your deductible. However, Parent Specialist services are generally not reimbursable, and Medicaid plans don’t offer reimbursement. All therapy sessions are eligible for HSA/FSA. Learn more
  2. Free Info Call: They offer a free informational call to help you understand their services and decide if it’s a match.
  3. Your First Appointment: The initial 30-minute Kickoff Session with a Care Lead has a one-time fee of $20. This includes a custom family mental health report, texting, appointments without a waitlist, and access to digital resources. Think of it as the start of your personalized mental health journey.
  4. Follow-Up Appointments: Standard therapy sessions are priced at $195. Assessments and safety + assessment sessions cost $390. If your child needs psychiatry services, a general psychiatry evaluation costs $500, and follow-up or medication management costs $250. Sounds pricey, but remember, you’re investing in expert care for your child’s mental health.
  5. Bundles: If you like a good deal (and who doesn’t?), Little Otter offers discounted bundles. The assessment bundle is $527 (a 10% discount) and includes a 90-minute assessment and a standard therapy session. Session bundles range from $702 for a 4-session bundle (10% discount) to $1,989 for a 12-session bundle (15% discount). The more you buy, the more you save!

Remember, Little Otter is there to help you navigate this journey every step of the way. They even have plans to provide financial assistance to families in need, which shows their commitment to making mental health care accessible to all. Learn more

How to Sign Up for Little Otter

little otter sign up

Follow these simple steps to sign up:

  1. Visit the Little Otter homepage and click the “join now” button.
  2. Complete a free family health assessment. This gives the Little Otter team insight into your family’s unique needs.
  3. Provide your payment information. Rest assured, Little Otter uses secure payment processing to protect your details.
  4. Schedule your initial welcome session. This is your family’s first step towards better mental health.

How to Contact Little Otter Customer Support

You can reach out to them at their customer support email: You may also call 415-449-2813

Overall, we give Little Otter a Cost Review Score of (3.5/5)

Little Otter FAQS

Does Little Otter Offer a Free Trial?

As of now, Little Otter does not offer a free trial. However, they provide a detailed assessment and personalized care plan for every family that signs up, ensuring you get value for your investment from the get-go.

Are There Any Discounts or Promotions?

At present, Little Otter does not offer any promotions or discounts. While this might seem like a drawback, it’s important to remember that the cost reflects the high-quality, specialized care your family will receive.

What is Little Otter’s Cancellation Policy?

Life happens, and sometimes you need to cancel. Little Otter has a 24-hour cancellation policy. If a session is missed or canceled within this 24-hour window, the charge for the session will still apply. It’s a good idea to plan and reschedule sessions as needed.

How Can I Cancel My Little Otter Services or Delete My Profile?

To cancel your services or delete your profile, you’ll need to contact Little Otter’s support team at They’re here to help make the process as smooth as possible.

What Is Little Otter’s Privacy Policy?

While Little Otter’s privacy policy isn’t easily accessible, the company claims to be HIPAA compliant. This means they follow stringent regulations to protect your personal health information. If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to contact their support team.

Is Little Otter Legit – Review Conclusion

In wrapping up our comprehensive review of Little Otter, we’ve analyzed the platform based on its features, pricing, user reviews, and privacy policies.

Little Otter shines primarily in its specialized focus on pediatric mental health care. Offering personalized therapy for children aged 0-14, the platform ensures your child gets the right help at the right time. It’s a game-changer for families who value a comprehensive approach to mental health, with its ‘whole family’ approach standing out as a unique feature.

It’s an ideal choice for families seeking a comprehensive, family-focused approach to mental health. Little Otter could be an excellent fit for your family if you’re looking for personalized care and convenient scheduling and don’t mind paying a bit more for these premium features.

It particularly benefits families with young children seeking accessible and comprehensive mental health support.

However, if budget is a significant concern or if you require in-network insurance coverage, it may be worth exploring other in-network or in-person therapy options.

Little Otter Review
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  • Quality
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