Mind-Bar Review – Best for Affordable Mental Health Classes

By Jared Levenson - Reviewed on February 10, 2023
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MindBar is revolutionizing the way we look at mental health and personal development through subscription-based classes.

With their innovative approach to self-improvement, MindBar gives everyone access to quality mental health care at an affordable cost ($14.99!).

Through their digital classroom platform, they provide classes taught by highly experienced therapists and coaches on a wide variety of topics such as stress management, communication skills, and emotional literacy.

Each course is designed to give participants the tools they need to create positive change in their life, allowing them to take control of their own mental well-being and become the best version of themselves.

The classroom model is how Mindbar keeps costs low and is also their unique value proposition of being an ‘alternative form of therapy’.

Yet one of my initial confusions was finding out that Mind-Bar’s ‘classes’ were actually mini-online courses. And I don’t know about you, but I personally don’t view online courses as an alternative form of therapy, especially for complicated issues like eating disorders..

Nonetheless, I do feel the high quality material featured within Mind-Bar’s courses more than compensates. Especially because Mind-Bar’s monthly membership is only $14.99.

However, if you prefer individual or one-on-one sessions there are other online mental health platforms more suited to your needs.

This blog article will look at MindBar and answer all the rest of your questions!

How MindBar Works

I Tried Mind-Bar Review: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

MindBar has a digital classroom where members can take mental health classes from anywhere, at any time.

Therapists and coaches with a lot of experience teach these courses, which cover things like how to deal with stress, how to communicate better, and how to understand emotions.

Each person who takes a MindBar class gets the tools they need to make positive changes in their lives. MindBar also has different ways to pay for its services, so people and businesses of all sizes can use them at a price that works for them.

Members can learn at their own pace and get the same skills they would get in a traditional classroom through interactive exercises and video lessons from world-class professionals.

However, you do not interact with the instructor during the “class” (see more info below).

What are MindBar classes/workshops like?

Stress, grief, and self-esteem are some examples of experiences or topics that are broken down into video modules and worksheets.

Take, for example, the Body Confidence program: It has six 15-minute modules, each with a multi-part “worksheet” with open-ended questions and text boxes for writing in your journal on the platform.

These are then put in a nice little printout for people who would rather write.

However, unlike traditional in-person yoga classes where you interact with the teacher and other students in a live setting, Mind-Bar classes are more online courses.

I personally disagree with the labeling of classes, instead of online courses, and I discuss this more below.

You may also want to learn about pros and cons of teletherapy groups, group mental health activities, group therapeutic activities, mind-bar mental health classes, and mental health games for groups.

Why MindBar was founded

The founders of MindBar, Dan O’Neill and Tara Nadalini-Priesnitz had the vision to make mental health accessible to everyone and not a luxury.

After seeing the success of group personal training services such as Orange Theory and SoulCycle, they recognized the potential of a similar model applied to mental health. This was the impetus behind MindBar 1.0 – in-person classes and workshops on various topics.

However, with the onset of COVID-19, this format was no longer viable and it became necessary to restructure their approach.

Thus MindBar evolved into an online platform where members can access content ranging from self-care tips to conversations around diversity and inclusion in the workplace – all designed to promote holistic wellness in the modern workforce.

Distrust of the medical system

In the United States, 37 percent of people who didn’t get help for clinical mental health problems said it was because they didn’t trust the mental health system.

This was found in a 2021 report by Sapien Labs’ Mental Health Million Project 2021. 34 percent of them didn’t know what kind of help to look for.

More than a quarter of them liked helping themselves.

MindBar is inspired by the vision: Imagine how things would change if these people could use a self-paced, low-commitment platform that led them to professionals they learned to trust.

Mind-Bar Review

Mind-Bar - $10-15
  • Third Party Reviews
  • Quality
  • Cost
  • Design


MindBar is a safe and reliable platform that makes it easy to connect with certified professionals who can teach affordable mental health classes led by experts. People who want to improve their mental health in an easy and inexpensive way can use MindBar.


  • Delivers useful information and educational tools
  • Provides a wide range of topics covering many of the struggles related to mental health, coping strategies, and body image
  • Free masterclass week
  • Group therapy may reduce stigma and anxiety over therapy
  • Minimal commitment platform
  • Offers frequent sessions


  • One-way service with limited conversational opportunities
  • Cannot listen and identify user’s thought patterns or recommend personalized courses of action
  • No text therapy
  • No one-on-one session or talk therapy available, although you can work with instructors individually
  • No mental health apps

Third-Party MindBar Reviews 

The Online Mental Health Reviews team found five 5/5 reviews of Mind-Bar on Google, and one 5/5 review on Facebook.

We’re fans of MindBar, and the overall reviews are positive. But there are so few reviews. While Mind-Bar is young, we still cannot give 5/5 stars in this section due to the statistically insignificant number of reviews.

Third-Party Reviews = 3/5

MindBar Reddit Reviews

Mind-Bar has no Reddit reviews.

MindBar App Reviews

MindBar does not have an app available on either Google Play or Apple Store.

What mental health does MindBar help with?

MindBar offers a range of classes and services to help users with mental health, self-care and personal growth:

  • Stress and Anxiety: Classes to help users cope with stress and anxiety, learn relaxation techniques, reduce worry, and practice mindful self-compassion.
  • Grief and Trauma: Classes to help heal from past traumas, mental or physical abuse, or recent losses.
  • Goals and Manifestation: Classes to assist in setting goals, creating success strategies and manifesting your dreams.
  • Spirituality and Mindfulness: Classes to explore the spiritual aspects of life as well as mindfulness practices for inner peace.
  • Relationships and Communication: Classes designed to build effective communication skills within relationships.
  • Health and Body: Classes focusing on body image, healthful nutrition, fitness, and holistic wellness.
  • Self-Esteem & Self Talk: Practical tools for developing positive self-talk and boosting self-confidence.
  • Pregnancy & Post Partum: Expert advice on postpartum depression & parenting tips specifically tailored for mothers pre/postpartum.

What types of therapy and coaching does MindBar provide?

There are therapists who dig deep, focusing on your upbringing and any traumas you may have had as a child. These therapists help you see patterns.

But there are also counselors and coaches who focus on what you want right now and how to help you get there.

Best features of MindBar

If a user decided to control their own experience to be like traditional therapy (say, 50 minutes every other week), just taking a MindBar class could take six to twelve weeks. MindBar costs $30 for two months, while three therapy sessions cost $450.

But this assumes that MindBar is better or as good as individual therapy, which may not be true.

How to tell if MindBar therapists and coaches are qualified?

Each one is put together and taught by a single “teacher.” Their qualifications, such as “years of coaching,” therapy certifications, and PhDs, are clear from their bio.

Is MindBar covered by insurance?

No, MindBar is not covered by insurance.

Can MindBar prescribe medication?

No, MindBar cannot prescribe medication.

MindBar Customer Service

You can contact MindBar at https://mind-bar.com/contact.

MindBar telephone number

You can reach Mind-Bar at (512) 565-5321.

False Reviews, Questionable Info, Claims, and Complaints

There are few reviews of Mind-Bar available. However, the Online Mental Health Reviews team could not find any questionable info, claims, or complaints either.

The most significant mis-claim by Mind-Bar, in my opinion, is claiming to offer classes as an alternative form of therapy.

While classes may be considered an alternative form of therapy, Mind-Bar really doesn’t offer classes per se, but online courses.

MindBar Quality

We’re very impressed with the overall MindBar quality. With a very low price, excellent classes, and excellent instructors – the MindBar value proposition is valid. In addition, MindBar has a quick design, a consistent voice, and generally is a positive experience.

However, with fewer reviews, one does pause. Additionally, there are financial incentives for instructors to take students off the platform, meaning teachers may not teach everything they know to save the good stuff for private clients. We don’t think this is happening, but it’s something to be aware of.

Quality = 4.5/5

How Much Does MindBar Cost

MindBar offers two membership plans – one billed monthly and the other annually.

Both memberships include access to all of MindBar’s expert-led mental health classes, new teachers and classes added every month, recommendations of classes to friends and family, and the ability to connect with a therapist or coach for individual or group support.

The monthly membership is $14.99 per month while the annual membership is $9.58 per month (billed annually).

Any Signup Discount or Free Trial?

Mind-Bar offers a free 7-day trial.

Refunds, Pausing, and Cancellations

You can put your MindBar membership on hold or get rid of it at any time.

MindBar Promo Code

MindBar does not have a promo code.

Because of the extraordinarily low costs of MindBar, even though MindBar does not take insurance, we want the overall Online Mental Health rating to reflect MindBar’s dramatically lower costs.

Insurance = 3.5/5
Pricing (out-of-pocket) = 5/5

MindBar provides each MindBar member with a high level of privacy and security, making sure that no personal information is shared or used without the user’s consent.

The legal and financial information on the platform appears to be in order, providing users with peace of mind when using the platform.

Furthermore, there doesn’t appear to be any form of advertising or commercialization on MindBar, giving users an enjoyable and distraction-free experience.

User Interface

  • Smooth and easy to use, providing users with a great experience
  • Easy to use and navigate on both laptop and phone for quick access to content
  • Loading times are kept to a minimum with no lag or buffering issues during playback
  • Quick and hassle-free access to the mental health tools needed
  • Does not have an app

Design = 4.5 / 5

Is MindBar Legit

MindBar is a real platform, yes.

It has been carefully made and tested by people who know about mental health so that users can get to tried-and-true therapeutic techniques in an easy and inexpensive way.

The teachers on MindBar are all certified professionals whose qualifications are listed in their profiles. This means that you can be sure you’ll get good advice from experts with the right training.

The platform also gives users a 7-day free trial to see if it’s right for them. It also offers a high level of privacy and security, making sure that no personal information is shared or used without the user’s permission.

Overall, these things and the good reviews of MindBar make it a legitimate platform for dealing with mental health problems.

Who Should Use MindBar or Not

MindBar is a great platform for anyone who is looking to work on their mental health in an affordable and easy way. Especially great if you’re interested in a high quality library for personal growth with a trauma-friendly, compassionate vibe.

However, MindBar should not be used as a replacement for traditional therapy or medical advice. If you are struggling with more serious issues such as suicidal thoughts, or sensitive topics like sexual health, it is important that you contact a professional therapist or doctor immediately.

It is also important to note that MindBar does not provide medication, so if this is something you need then you will have to look elsewhere for help.

Overall, MindBar can be very helpful for those who want to work on their mental health but should not be used as an exclusive treatment option for serious issues.

So if you’re looking for a platform that can help improve your mental health, MindBar might just be the one for you! Just remember to always consult a professional when dealing with serious mental health issues.

MindBar The Final Verdict

MindBar is a safe and reliable platform that makes it easy to learn about a variety of topics related to personal growth in an online-course format.

MindBar is a great option for people who want to improve their mental health in an easy and inexpensive way.

People who are new to therapy can use the classes to start learning more about their mental health.

However, if you prefer individual or one-on-one sessions there are other platforms more suited to your needs.

Our team wants to hear your thoughts too! Let us know which mental health software product that Online Mental Health Reviews should explore and review next. Please share discount codes, horror stories and your experiences so we may all benefit!

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