Mother-Daughter Counseling: Strengthen Bonds and Resolve Conflicts

By Jared Levenson - Reviewed on June 8, 2023
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Mother-daughter relationships can be complex and challenging, but they are also incredibly important. Mother-daughter counseling can help navigate these complexities and foster healthier connections.

In this post, we will discuss the benefits of mother-daughter counseling, its suitability for different age groups, and some top resources to consider.

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Why Seek Mother-Daughter Counseling?

Mother-daughter therapy and counseling can help address various issues, such as communication breakdowns, conflicts, behavioral and relationship problems, mental health concerns, and family dynamics, and women’s emotional health.

By working with a professional counselor, both parties can gain valuable insights and develop effective strategies to improve their relationship.


Counseling for Different Age Groups

The impact of mother-daughter counseling may vary depending on the age group:

Who Can Benefit from Mother-Daughter Counseling?

Mother-daughter counseling is suitable for those experiencing ongoing conflict, communication difficulties, parents who need therapy in general, or strained relationships.

However, it may not be appropriate for individuals dealing with severe mental health issues or abusive situations, where individual therapy or other interventions might be more suitable.

Top 5 Mother-Daughter Counseling Resources

  1. Psychology Today: A comprehensive directory of therapists specializing in various areas, including mother-daughter counseling. Users can search by location, insurance, and specific issues.
  2. Good Therapy: Another extensive directory of therapists, with a focus on ethical and collaborative therapy practices. The site also offers numerous articles and resources related to mental health and therapy.
  3. The Mother-Daughter Project: A community-based program aimed at strengthening mother-daughter bonds through workshops, groups, and resources.
  4. The Dance of Anger: A bestselling book by Dr. Harriet Lerner that discusses women’s anger, communication patterns, and relationship dynamics, including mother-daughter relationships.

Is it worth using online mother-daughter therapy?

Online mother-daughter therapy provides a safe space for both parties to discuss their feelings, set healthy boundaries and work through any issues.

• It is easy to find a licensed therapist with flexible scheduling options and is often more affordable than traditional in-person counseling.

• Benefits of online therapy include improved communication, increased understanding of perspectives, more effective problem-solving skills, a stronger bond between mothers and daughters, greater emotional support, and more positive interactions.

• Overall it can be a great way to strengthen the relationship and create a healthier environment for both parties.

How can counseling help in resolving mother-daughter conflict

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Mother-daughter counseling can help improve or repair a strained relationship according to Health Canal.

• It provides an opportunity for both to express feelings and perspectives in a safe environment while learning how to communicate.

• Counselors can identify the root cause of conflict and help practice healthy communication techniques such as active listening.

• Through counseling, empathy towards each other’s perspective is established.

• Both parties can work together to find solutions to resolve conflicts and establish an emotional connection.

How Does Therapy Work For Mother-Daughter Relationships?

Mother-daughter relationships can be complicated and often require professional help to navigate.

Therapy can help mothers and daughters understand each other better, build healthier boundaries, improve communication skills, challenge and change destructive generational patterns, and learn how to be heard.

It can also help uncover the root cause of conflicts in both the mother and the relationship and provide a safe space for both parties to express their feelings.

With the guidance of a trained therapist, mother-daughter relationships can become more harmonious and fulfilling.

Find Mother-Daughter Counselor Near You via Zocdoc

Zocdoc is a fast and easy way to find mother-daughter counseling options in your area.

  1. With Zocdoc’s large database of doctors, users can narrow their search by region, specialty, and even whether or not the doctor takes their insurance.
  2. This helps you find the right therapist who specializes in mother-daughter counseling, ensuring a personalized method to meet your specific needs.
  3. Also, Zocdoc has verified patient reviews that give you important information about the therapist’s care, communication style, and general experience, so you can make a well-informed choice.

To give you an honest account of what it’s like to use Zocdoc, our team used it to find mother-daughter therapy services in our area. We wrote down everything we did, from looking for therapists to making reservations to going to sessions. We were able to learn more about the platform’s features, benefits, and limits by using it ourselves.

In our Zocdoc review, we talked about how easy the platform was to use, how helpful the filters were, and how reliable patient reviews were in helping us choose providers.

Overall, Zocdoc was a good way to find skilled professionals who could help us with mother-daughter counseling. It made it easier to find the right therapist and set up appointments quickly.

Root Causes of Conflicts in a Mother-Daughter Relationship

• Common root causes of conflicts between mothers and daughters are hormones, personality differences, insecurities, one-sided expectations, and generational family names.

• Issues that may arise from conflict include feeling different than before, not understanding “controlling” behavior, and feeling trapped due to mental health concerns.

• To avoid these conflicts it is important for both parties to recognize their roles and boundaries as well as be open and honest with each other about their feelings.

• Seeking counseling or therapy may be beneficial if needed.

What can be done to Resolve mother-Daughter Conflicts?

• Establish realistic expectations for the relationship

• Connect over shared interests

• Select important issues to focus on

• Learn to forgive

• Improve communication skills

• Spend time with family members doing activities together

• Approach conflicts from a place of compassion

• Listen more than the lecture

• Do away with distracting traditions

• Working through conflicts can help build a stronger bond between a mother and a difficult mother-daughter relationship.

Dedicate Time to Continue Traditions with Your Mom

• Dedicating time to maintain family traditions with mom can help strengthen and heal the bond and create a healthier relationship.

• Engage women in open and honest conversations to better understand each other.

• Spend quality time with friends doing activities both enjoy and celebrate special occasions by continuing or creating new traditions.

• Show appreciation by expressing gratitude and giving compliments.

• Participate in activities that will aid personal growth, such as counseling or therapy sessions.

Empathize with Your Mom’s Needs

• Taking the time to empathize with one’s mother is an important part of mother-daughter counseling, as it helps both parties understand each other better and build a stronger relationship.

• Important steps for empathizing are listening without judgment, acknowledging and validating feelings, asking questions to gain understanding, showing understanding and compassion, reflecting on what is said, offering support when needed, respecting boundaries and opinions, and being patient while learning from experiences.

• With these strategies in place, a strong foundation can be built for a healthy mother-daughter relationship; with counseling, both parties can find solutions that benefit each other.

Things To Avoid In Mother-Daughter Relationships

• Demonstrating warmth and validation is essential for a healthy mother-daughter relationship.

• Establishing healthy boundaries creates a safe space for both parties.

• Self-blame should not be a factor in an estranged relationship.

• Dramatic behavior is detrimental and should be avoided.

• Unhealthy comparison can lead to feelings of insecurity.

• Conflict must be resolved respectfully to prevent long-term damage.

• Communication helps build trust and understanding.

• Respect each other’s differences instead of attempting to change one another.

Mothers “Should” Not Be Controlling

Controlling mothers can hurt their children’s mental health and development. Signs of controlling parents include:

  • Making decisions for their children without consulting them
  • Arguing or overriding simple decisions made by their children
  • Not allowing their children to have feelings or express emotions
  • Trying to maintain control due to personal issues
  • Stripping their children of autonomy and independence
  • Feeling responsible for the parent’s emotions

Mothers need to be supportive and understanding of their children, rather than trying to control them. Establishing boundaries, creating space, and getting back up are all ways that a child can help adults cope with controlling parents. Mental health professionals can also provide guidance and support in dealing with controlling parents.

Appreciate the Role She’s Played

• Acknowledge and show appreciation for a mother’s efforts and unconditional love

• Let her know how much her opinion is valued

• Spend quality time together doing enjoyable activities

• Share stories about childhood experiences

• Show respect for her own family, values, and beliefs

• Mother-daughter counseling can help build a stronger relationship through greater communication, trust, and understanding.

Let Your Mom Continue to Influence You

• Listen to her advice: Consider her advice, even if it doesn’t seem relevant at first.

• Spend quality time together: Make time for activities that both of you enjoy doing.

• Show appreciation: Express gratitude for all she does for you.

• Ask questions: Foster open communication by asking questions about her life experiences and opinions.

• Respect her opinion: Respect her opinion even if you don’t always agree with what she says.

• Utilize counseling: Mother-daughter counseling can guide how to maintain a healthy relationship with your mom.

Best Mother-Daughter Counseling Services

• Mother-daughter relationships can be complex, and counseling services are available to help.

• Talkspace, Better Help, ReGain, and many other online providers are available.

• These services provide experienced professionals who specialize in helping mothers and daughters work through their issues and reach a better understanding between them.

Better Help – Top Mother-Daughter Counseling Service

Better Help is the top mother-daughter counseling service available, offering online therapy sessions that are convenient and accessible for both mothers and daughters.

• Licensed family therapists here at Better Help are trained in family dynamics and provide a safe space to discuss any issues that may be causing tension between the two of you.

• Their services are affordable, tailored to individual needs, and offer specialized programs for postpartum depression and anxiety as well as teen counseling.

• With Better Help’s help, you can uncover the root cause of any conflicts between mothers and daughters, allowing both parties to work together towards a resolution.

Benefits of getting matched with a BetterHelp mother-daughter therapist include:

  • Professional guidance from an experienced counselor
  • Convenient online therapy sessions
  • A personalized approach tailored to meet your needs
  • Improved communication between mother and daughter
  • Increased understanding of each other’s perspectives
  • Strategies for resolving conflicts in healthy ways

Other Useful Services for Mother-Daughter Conflict Resolution

• Mothers and daughters in conflict can look to online counseling platforms for help;

• Self-work, patience and intentional effort, finding common interests, and therapy sessions are all beneficial ways to address issues in the mother-daughter relationship;

• Taking time for self-reflection, being patient with each other, and engaging in activities both enjoy together are great starting points;

• Professional therapy is an option if all else fails.

Mother-Daughter Counseling Conclusion

By considering these resources and understanding how mother-daughter counseling can benefit moms of different age groups, you can make an informed decision about whether this type of therapy is right for your situation.

Strengthening the bond between mothers and daughters can lead to healthier, happier relationships for both parties.

If You Are In Crisis

If you find yourself in a crisis, waiting for an online therapy session might not be safe. Should you need immediate assistance, dial 911. This includes situations where you or someone else is at risk of harm.

For those experiencing suicidal thoughts, call the 988 Suicide and Crisis Lifeline by dialing 988. Assistance is available 24/7.

Another resource is the National Helpline of the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) at 800-662-HELP (4357). This free, confidential service offers support for individuals struggling with mental health or substance abuse issues, providing treatment information and options 24/7, 365 days a year.

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