Online-Therapy . Com Review – Best Combo of Online CBT Training Course + Online Therapy

By Jared Levenson - Reviewed on February 13, 2023
Our team evaluates mental health products, services and platforms like BetterHelp. If you click a link below and make a purchase, we will receive an affiliate commission. Learn more. is a subscription service that gives people access to licensed therapists for long-term therapy.

You can use their interactive website on your phone, tablet, or computer to get to the platform.

People can use a therapy program that has worksheets, tests, a journal, an activity planner, yoga/meditation classes, and texting with their assigned therapist at any time.

Depending on the package, users can also schedule 45-minute video or audio sessions with their therapist up to twice a week. Review - $200-$440
  • Third-Party Reviews
  • Quality
  • Cost
  • Design

Summary offers licensed therapists for less without sacrificing quality by focusing on CBT therapy options. The platform is accessible via their interactive website on phones, tablets, and computers. People can use a therapy program including worksheets, tests, a journal, an activity planner, yoga/meditation courses, and texting with their assigned therapist.


  • Many resources beyond therapy
  • Easy sign-up pairs you with a therapist
  • Individual and couple treatment
  • First month discount
  • All therapy sessions use CBT
  • Video, voice, or text therapy
  • Cheaper online counseling program at $200 per month
  • Therapists return completed CBT program worksheets within 24 hours on weekdays
  • Helps couples and individuals
  • BetterHelp and Talkspace, among others, do not offer semiweekly treatment or charge extra for additional sessions
  • Offers new users a 20% first-month discount
  • Other subscription-based online counselling service, charges more (if you do not have insurance)
  • Court-approved online anger management programs


  • No per session payment
  • Does not accept insurance
  • Tech concerns with platform sessions Unsuitable for mental health crises
  • Therapists cannot diagnose mental illness
  • Medication management unavailable
  • Website images not inclusive
  • No customer service number
  • You are assigned a therapist without much choice
  • Not accessible nationwide
  • CBT is their core therapy form for mental health care, which may not suit everyone

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Does Online Therapy work?

Online therapy has been found to be approximately equal to in-person therapy for a range of mental health difficulties, including anxiety and depression.

Studies have shown that online Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) can be just as effective as traditional face-to-face therapy.

There are many benefits of online therapy, such as convenience, comfort and safety, access to a wide range of mental health professionals, cost-effectiveness, greater resourcefulness, no travel required, enhanced security and time savings.

Online therapy also provides access to care for those who live in remote areas or have physical limitations that make it difficult to travel.

How Online Therapy Com Works

Cognitive behavior therapy is the main type of therapy used on this online therapy platform (and many other online therapy platforms as well).

CBT offers many ways to deal with these negative thoughts, such as changing the way you think about them, using the SMART method, doing mindfulness exercises, and planning things to do.

People who have anxiety, depression, anger, or addictions are often treated with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT).

CBT has been used to treat anxiety, depression, eating disorders, drug abuse, and some personality disorders, with good results.

Along with CBT, cost and ease of use are two of the company’s most important values. The website keeps coming back to these pillars and the idea that its low prices and wide range of online therapy services make it stand out from other virtual therapy options.

Why Founded

Online-Therapy was started in 2009 by CEO and Co-Founder Carl Nordstrom. Before he started Online-Therapy, he worked as an investment banker, but he felt like he needed a change.

His wife, Petra, also had problems with postpartum depression and wanted to use her yoga training and experiences to help people.

After reading a compelling study that showed CBT-based online therapy was just as effective as face-to-face therapy, he knew what he wanted to do: Carl wanted to create a safe and welcoming space where people who needed therapy could get care without the stigma.

Third-Party Reviews 

Online Therapy Com reviews are spare. They don’t have a profile with the Better Business Bureau, and Trustpilot doesn’t have any reviews of it.

Online-Therapy reviews do include therapists from the past year that give them four or five stars. It says that the reviews are just a small sample of the people it has helped, so they may be biased.

However, there are also no negative reviews either.

Third-Party Reviews = 2.5/5 Reddit Reviews

There are no Reddit Reviews for Online Therapy. App Reviews also does not have an app in the Apple App Store or on Google Play.

What mental health does help with?

  • Anxiety
  • Sleep/Insomnia
  • Depression
  • Relationship Issues
  • Eating & Food Disorders
  • Domestic Violence
  • Weight Loss
  • Self Esteem
  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
  • Stress
  • Chronic Pain
  • Borderline Personality Disorder
  • Career Issues
  • Speech Anxiety
  • Parenting
  • LGBTQ+ Issues
  • Autism
  • Anger Management
  • Compassion Fatigue
  • Grief
  • Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
  • Panic Disorder

What types of therapy does provide? has a cognitive behavioral therapy program with eight sections, worksheets, an activity plan, and a virtual journal to go along with it.

Its services are great for self-motivated individuals and couples who want to work with a mental health professional or need extra help with negative thinking or need flexible scheduling.

Best features of

The company currently offers individual and couples sessions along with the cognitive behavioral therapy program. These sessions can be held via voice, video, or texting. Clients are also free to message their therapist at any time in between sessions. Services are not available to anyone under the age of 18 at this time. 

However, also has a variety of features such as:

Self-Guided CBT Program memberships feature a self-paced curriculum that teaches you how your behavior, thoughts, and emotions interact and how to develop healthy coping techniques.

  • Each section’s online worksheets require practice
  • 25 worksheets in eight sections begin with a CBT introduction
  • Text, audio, and video are accessible for each chapter
  • Your therapist will notify you and offer feedback on your worksheet within 24 hours, Monday through Friday
  • Your therapist will email you

Your Journal

You can write about your feelings and progress in an online journal and look back at what you’ve written.

  • Through your portal, you can get to it at any time.
  • If you don’t renew your subscription, your journal entries will be deleted after two years.
  • When your membership ends, you won’t be able to export your journal entries.

Activity Plan

With your activity plan, you can schedule things that make you happy, like going for a walk with your dog or having dinner with a friend.

This tool could help you stick with something that makes you happy every day.

You can also cross off each activity as you do it, which might encourage you to keep doing the things that make you happy.

Yoga and Meditation Videos

Petra, the online therapy platform’s yoga teacher, hosts yoga and meditation videos that come with every membership.

These are meant to help you put into practice the new habits and ways of doing things that you learn from your self-guided program and worksheets.

Overall, offers a variety of features with qualified therapists. However, they only offer CBT for which we ding them slightly.

Quality of Service = 4.5/5

How do I register for therapy at users have to fill out a questionnaire to be matched with a therapist who can help them through live sessions, worksheet responses, and unlimited text messaging.

To create an account, users must enter their email address, password, state where they live, and name or nickname.

Users can stay anonymous if they want to by using a nickname, but they must give their emergency contact information.

Choosing a therapist at

After making an account, you can see your therapist match right away. If you don’t like your first match, you can choose from a list of other counselors.

After finds you a therapist, it will ask you to choose a plan and give it your payment information.

Getting matched with a therapist takes almost no time at all. When you sign up for an account, all you have to do is enter some basic information about what you are dealing with and which gender you prefer to work with.

After making an account, you will be matched within one minute with a licensed therapist in your state.

How to tell if therapists are real?

On its “About Us” page, which is also easy to miss, the company lists some of the therapists who work on the platform.

On this page, you can learn a lot about each therapist, such as their education, qualifications, personal approach to therapy, and reviews from clients who have worked with them before.

But you can’t book directly with the therapists.

I was a little let down by this. I can see how it would be easy to feel a strong connection to a therapist’s bio based on all the information they give, but then be disappointed when you find out you can’t work with them right away. Therapist Qualifications

Before a therapist or any type of licensed clinical social workers can join, they have to be fully licensed and have at least 2000 hours of clinical experience.

All of their therapists must have been trained in CBT methods, including how to do CBT online.

There are many different kinds of professional counselors on the platform, from those who just got their licenses to those who have a PhD in clinical psychology.

They have therapists from all over the world who have different levels of experience and different ways of helping people. Therapist Switching Process

You can switch your therapists easily on

How fast do therapists respond therapists respond within 24 hours during weekdays.

Is covered by insurance? does not accept insurance, although HSA and FSA cards are accepted (FSA).

Therapy searchers may locate sliding-scale therapists for cheaper than an subscription.

Online-Therapy can offer a superbill, or itemized receipt, for insurance reimbursement.

Insurance = 1.5/5

Can I use my HSA or FSA?

Yes, Online-Therapy will accept FSA and HSA for therapy costs.

Can prescribe medication?

No, the therapists are not qualified to prescribe medication.

Can people outside of the USA use

Yes, the platform is available to most countries. Customer Service

Customer service at usually responds within 24 hours. telephone number does not have a public telephone number to contact.

User Interface

The website is easy to get around on.

As you scroll down the page, you can read reviews from people who have used and get an idea of what its program includes.

There is even a test to see how well you are doing in your everyday life.

At the bottom of the screen is a “live chat” button for anyone who needs help getting around the site. The platform also works well on phones.

False Reviews, Questionable Info, Claims and Complaints

  • The customer does not say which states do not have licensed therapists on the platform.
  • Another important thing that Online-website Therapy’s is missing is a sense of diversity and belonging. All of the marketing images show White people, leaving out people from marginalized groups.
  • The website also doesn’t have any features that make it easy for people with disabilities to use.

How Much Does Cost excels in affordability.

It has four service tiers. Though billed monthly, it breaks down costs each week.

Plan Per Week






$50 / week

$80 / week

$110 / week

$110 / week



1x 45 mins

2x 45 mins

1x 45 mins


Therapist Matching

Assigned, but switching easy

Assigned, but switching easy

Assigned, but switching easy

Assigned, but switching easy

Unlimited Text



Yes & Faster Responses

Yes & Faster Responses





Access Yoga & Online Tools


  • The Basic tier costs $50 a week ($200 a month) and includes unrestricted chatting with your therapist, the eight-section CBT program, worksheets, yoga videos, the online journal, an activity plan, and weekday worksheet responses from your therapist.
  • The Standard tier costs $80 a week ($320 a month) and includes a weekly 45-minute video, text, or voice session.
  • The Premium tier is $110 a week ($440 a month) and includes two 45-minute video, text, or voice sessions per week plus everything in the basic tier plan.
  • The Couples Therapy tier costs $110 a week ($440 a month) and includes one 45-minute couples therapy session per week via video, text, or voice, plus everything in the base tier plan for both of you.

Overall, these prices and plans are excellent, especially if you are paying out of pocket.

Pricing, if no insurance = 5/5

Unlimited Messaging

When you join, you can text your therapist as much as you want.

But it doesn’t say how long you should wait for a response to a text message. However, it does say you should expect to see a response during week days within 24 hours.

If you go for the premium plan, you can use express replies.

Your therapist will see these messages before messages from the basic and standard plans, but that doesn’t mean you’ll get a faster response.

Any Signup Discount or Free Trial?

When you go to, you are also invited to join the platform with a 20% discount on your first month.

Refunds, Pausing, and Cancellations

You can stop paying for the service at any time. You can get in touch with if you want to stop your subscription. Refunds are given by based on each individual case. Privacy Policy follows HIPAA and gets permission before starting treatment.

All communication is encrypted end-to-end with the best-in-class 256-bit encryption, and users can add more identity protection by using a nickname.

Personal health information is stored behind a three-tiered web application and is deleted automatically after two years.

Some information can be used for research and analysis, but any personal details are taken out.

According to ZoomInfo, Online-therapy makes about $5.4 million dollars annually.

Is Legit is a completely legitimate business that was started in 2009. You can tell by the thousands of good online reviews.

Additionally, the company’s team of therapists includes professional counselors, board-certified psychiatrists, and licensed clinical psychologists who all have degrees from respected schools.

Overall, the site is safe, you can stay anonymous, and if your counselor doesn’t feel like a good fit, you can change therapists at any time.

You can also cancel your membership any time you want.

Online The Verdict

Online-Therapy is one of the best online therapy services for CBT-based therapy sessions. If you choose the Premium plan, the out-of-pocket costs are really great for everything you get.

If you go to the sessions twice a week, you’ll see your therapist eight times for just $440, or $55 per session.

To do this in person would cost a lot of money, and many people might not be able to afford it. Overall, will provide you with great care and helpful CBT tools.

If You’re In An Emergency call 911

If you are in a mental health crisis, then you should not use this online therapy service but instead call 911. There are mental health professionals and mental health services available, but not this one.

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