Rewire Your Anxious Brain Review – Best for Anxious Readers Who Want Actionable Neuroscience

By Jared Levenson - Reviewed on September 17, 2023
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Are you ready to learn how to “Rewire Your Anxious Brain”?

This isn’t just a book; it’s a comprehensive workbook designed to help individuals battle anxiety.

“Rewire Your Anxious Brain” dives deep into the brain-based causes of anxiety, self-denigrating thoughts, staying present, coping with emotional pain, developing resilience, and more.

Given the emphasis on neuroscience and practical steps, “Rewire Your Anxious Brain” is best for readers who like learning about brain science and want to take action.

  • The book encourages readers to maintain a training journal, and there are free worksheets online based on the text to consolidate your learning.
  • It explores the different pathways to anxiety in the brain and helps you understand why your body reacts the way it does.
  • Plus, the book emphasizes the role of mindfulness in transforming fear into strength.

So, if you’re ready to understand the root causes of your anxiety, learn how to interrupt it, and develop long-term strategies based on neuroscience for managing it, “Rewire Your Anxious Brain” is an excellent place to start.

Let’s explore this transformative book together.

Rewire Your Anxious Brain Review
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Best for Anxious Readers Who Like Science and Personal Development


  1. Lots of Neuroscience: The book explicitly emphasizes brain-based, causal explanations for anxiety.
  2. Practical Guidance: It offers valuable lessons, examples, and exercises to help manage anxiety. The hands-on approach empowers readers to take control of their mental health.
  3. Interactive Learning: The book encourages readers to keep a training journal and provides free online worksheets for download, promoting active learning and consistent practice.
  4. Insightful Explanations: It delves into the essential brain functions related to anxiety, giving readers a deep understanding of the root causes of their anxious feelings.
  5. Comprehensive Coverage: The book covers a wide array of topics, including how anxiety begins in the brain, the impact of past experiences on pressure, and the role of sleep in managing stress.
  6. Mindfulness Practice: It emphasizes mindfulness as a powerful tool to transform anxiety, offering guidance on incorporating mindfulness practices into daily routines.


  • Doesn’t Focus Much On Social Anxiety: Other anxiety books focus on social anxiety, but this book is intended for an individual’s anxiety and helps the reader understand their brain better.
  • Requires Active Involvement: The book’s interactive, hands-on approach might not appeal to readers who prefer a more passive, less involved learning method.
  • Not a Quick Fix: “Rewire Your Anxious Brain” focuses on long-term strategies for managing anxiety, which may not suit those looking for immediate relief.

About Rewire Your Anxious Brain 

  1. A Comprehensive Workbook: This book is designed as a comprehensive workbook for individuals battling with anxiety. It provides lessons, examples, and hands-on exercises that aim to reduce or eliminate the limitations imposed by anxiety symptoms.
  2. Ten Insightful Chapters: The book comprises ten insightful chapters, each addressing a crucial aspect of anxiety. Topics range from handling self-denigrating thoughts, staying present, coping with emotional pain, developing resilience, and moving past procrastination and avoidance to building confidence and consolidating gains over the long term.
  3. Interactive Learning Tools: Readers are encouraged to keep a training journal to track their progress. The book is so popular that free worksheets online have been created, further enhancing the learning experience.
  4. Understand Your Brain: The book is an introductory lesson into the fundamental brain hardware and functions, helping you better understand your body’s responses to anxiety.
  5. Relatable Scenarios and Clear Analyses: The scenarios presented in the book are realistic and relatable, making it easier for readers to apply the lessons to their own lives. The analyses provided are logical and straightforward, simplifying complex concepts.
  6. Two Pathways to Anxiety: The book discusses the two separate pathways to anxiety – through the cortex or the amygdala. Understanding this can help you manage your stress more effectively.
  7. Exercises for Reducing Anxiety: The book provides a variety of evidence-based activities designed to help reduce anxiety, fear, panic, and worry.
  8. The Role of Mindfulness: Mindfulness is recommended to transform anxiety into strength.
  9. Additional Resources: The book includes a list of other books dedicated to each therapy mentioned, providing readers with further resources for their journey toward managing anxiety.
  10. Understand the Root Cause: Overall, “Rewire Your Anxious Brain” enables readers to understand the underlying cause of their anxiety and equips them with tools to manage and reduce it effectively.

What Makes Rewire Your Anxious Brain Unique

Rewire Your Anxious Brain” distinguishes itself in mental health resources through its unique blend of scientific understanding and practical tools.

Unlike many resources that explain anxiety symptoms, this book delves into the science behind it, elucidating how our brain functions contribute to these feelings. 

Furthermore, it doesn’t just stop at theoretical knowledge; it provides tangible exercises and encourages the maintenance of a training journal to help readers actively rewire their brains and manage their symptoms. 

This combination of scientific insight and hands-on strategies, along with the provision of free online worksheets, sets “Rewire Your Anxious Brain” apart, making it not just a book but a comprehensive tool for managing and reducing anxiety.

On Amazon, the book is #8 in Psychology eBooks on Anxieties & Phobias, #19 in Neuropsychology, and #21 in Neuroscience.

Who is Rewire Your Anxious Brain Best For (And Not For)

Best For:

  1. Readers Who Like Neuroscience: This book contains a lot of neuroscience and is one of Amazon’s top neuroscience books on anxiety.
  2. Individuals Seeking Understanding: If you want to understand the root cause of anxiety and how your brain contributes to it, this book provides clear, insightful explanations. It’s perfect for those keen on comprehending the ‘why’ behind their feelings of anxiety.
  3. People Who Learn by Doing: With its hands-on approach, it’s an ideal fit for individuals who learn best by actively participating. The book promotes interactive learning by encouraging readers to keep a training journal and providing free online worksheets.
  4. Those Looking for Daily Coping Mechanisms: If you’re seeking daily strategies to cope with anxiety, fear, panic, and worry, this book offers many practical tools and exercises. It’s particularly beneficial for those who experience frequent anxiety or have difficulty calming down during anxious episodes.
  5. Anyone Interested in Mindfulness: For those interested in incorporating mindfulness into their daily routines to manage anxiety, this book guides how to do so effectively.

Not For:

  1. Those Seeking In-Depth Therapy Guidance: While the book does mention specific therapies for managing anxiety, it primarily serves as an introduction to understanding and tackling stress. Individuals seeking in-depth exploration of particular treatments may need to supplement this book with additional resources.
  2. People Preferring a More Passive Approach: This book’s hands-on, active approach to managing anxiety may not suit individuals who prefer a more passive, less interactive learning method.
  3. Individuals Seeking Quick Fixes: “Rewire Your Anxious Brain” is about developing long-term coping mechanisms and rewiring your brain over time. It may not be the best fit for those seeking immediate solutions to anxiety.

My Experience with Rewire Your Anxious Brain 

From the moment I picked up “Rewire Your Anxious Brain,” I could sense that it was more than just a book; it was a journey into neuroscience.

A neuro-psychological journey into understanding anxiety, its roots, and how to navigate this often misunderstood mental health issue.

What stood out to me was the book’s straightforward approach to discussing anxiety based on neuroscience. Obviously neuroscience can be a complicated topic, but the book does a good job of keeping things simple.

It wasn’t just about managing symptoms or providing coping mechanisms but also about understanding the underlying neuroscience.

The book delves into the fundamental brain hardware and functions related to anxiety, providing enlightening and empowering insights. It felt like I was being handed the keys to my mind, allowing me to take control of my pressure rather than letting it control me.

One of my most significant revelations was the differentiation between fear and anxiety.

While they may seem similar, “Rewire Your Anxious Brain” explains how they stem from different brain parts and manifest in distinct ways. 

Fear is an immediate response to a present threat, while anxiety is a reaction to a potential future threat. This distinction helped me understand my feelings better and gave me a fresh perspective on how to handle them.

The exercises and tools provided were practical and easy to incorporate into my daily routine. From mindfulness practices to coping mechanisms for emotional pain, each strategy was clearly explained and supported with relevant examples and scenarios. I actively looked forward to these exercises, eager to see how they would help transform my anxiety.

My experience with “Rewire Your Anxious Brain” has been very positive overall.

For anyone grappling with anxiety, I cannot recommend it enough. However, the book is meant for people who like neuroscience, learning about the brain, etc.

Remember, understanding your concern is the first step towards managing it, and “Rewire Your Anxious Brain” equips you with the knowledge and tools to do just that. Are you ready to start your journey towards resilience?

Overall, we give Rewire Your Anxious Brain a Quality Score of (4.5/5)

Rewire Your Anxious Brain Third-Party Reviews

  • 4.6/5 from 53,790 global ratings > Amazon
  • 4.7/5 from 525 ratings > Blinkist
  • 4.6/5 from 1,558 ratings > Audible
  • 4.0/5 from 44 ratings > Instaread

Overall, we give Rewire Your Anxious Brain a Third-Party Review Score of (4.5/5)

How Much Does Rewire Your Anxious Brain Cost


  • Kindle $10.99
  • Paperback $12.75

Barnes and Noble

  • eBook $11.49
  • Paperback $33.99

Overall, we give Rewire Your Anxious Brain a Cost Review Score of (3.5/5)

Is Rewire Your Anxious Brain Legit Conclusion 


“Rewire Your Anxious Brain” is more than just a book; it’s a comprehensive guide that empowers readers who like neuroscience to understand and manage their anxiety.

The straightforward tone of the book resonates with readers, making complex neuroscience concepts accessible and relatable. It’s not just about managing symptoms but understanding the root cause of anxiety and providing practical strategies to reduce it.

This resourceful workbook quickly delves deep into the brain’s hardware and anxiety-related functions. You may also want to check out similar books such as “It Didn’t Start With You” and “Stop Overthinking“.

Doing so gives readers a profound understanding of their feelings and equips them with the tools to handle them effectively. The straightforward exercises aim to decrease the power of anxious behaviors, while the complimentary online worksheets promote active learning.

Whether you’re curious about the science behind anxiety or seeking strategies for personal development, “Rewire Your Anxious Brain” has got you covered.

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