Sleep as Android Review: Android’s Best Free Sleep Tracking Tool, Smart Alarm, and Sleep Lullabies 

By Jared Levenson - Reviewed on October 21, 2023
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Best Free Sleep Tracking Android App
Sleep as Android | Smart Alarm and Sleep Tracker Sleep as Android | Smart Alarm and Sleep Tracker
From $0.00 to $39.99

Experience the best sleep tool, Sleep as Android, for non-iPhone users struggling with sleep and seeking improved well-being. Enjoy advanced features like sleep cycle tracking, smart wake-up alarms, soothing lullabies, and insightful sleep advice. While it offers personalization and device integration, be mindful of its potential inaccuracies compared to professional methods. Also, it's not for everyone - if you dislike sleeping near your phone or wearing a device, consider other options.

  • Actigraphy for sleep monitoring
  • Snore recording with alarm
  • Bedtime notifications feature
  • Nature sounds to induce sleep
  • Data syncs to the cloud
  • Compatibility with various devices
  • Accuracy inferior to polysomnography
  • Actigraphy accuracy varies
  • Requires phone on bed or wearable
  • May trigger unnecessary awakening anxiety
  • Advanced sleep cycle tracking
  • Optimal phase smart wake-up
  • Comprehensive sleep deficit stats
  • Soothing nature sound lullabies
  • CAPTCHA for wake-up verification
  • Gentle light and sound alarms
  • Sleep talk and snoring records
  • Anti-snoring features included
  • Smartwatch sleep tracking available
  • Heart rate-based awake detection
  • Integrated smart light wake-up
  • Personalized sleep advice and rating
  • Secure data backup options
  • Google Fit integration available

Are you tired of waking up groggy and disoriented by traditional alarm clocks? Welcome to our review of Sleep as Android, a revolutionary app that has been praised for its integrated sleep cycle tracking and smart alarm features.

As the Online Mental Health Review team, we’ve spent years studying and analyzing health apps, and we’re excited to share our insights with you. We understand how important a good night’s sleep is for your overall well-being, and we know you’re eager to find out if this app can help you wake up feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

When considering a sleep tracking tool like Sleep as Android, there are several factors to consider.

  • For those on a budget, you’ll be pleased to know that this app is free, with optional paid features.
  • And don’t worry if you’re not tech-savvy – users have praised this app for its user-friendly interface.
  • Age is also not a barrier; whether you’re a working professional who needs to optimize their sleep for productivity, a parent trying to establish better sleep habits, or a student balancing a hectic schedule, Sleep as Android is designed to cater to all.
  • However, it’s crucial to remember that while this app has many beneficial features, it’s not a replacement for professional medical advice if you’re dealing with severe sleep issues.

Sleep as Android shines in its ability to gently wake users during their lightest sleep cycle, making it a brilliant tool for anyone struggling with harsh morning wake-ups. Moreover, its soothing sleep lullabies make it an excellent choice for those who need a little help drifting off to sleep.

However, it’s important to note that the true value of this app lies in its combination of features.

Therefore, it may not be the best choice for someone looking exclusively for an alarm clock or a standalone sleep tracker. But for those seeking a comprehensive sleep management tool, Sleep as Android could be the perfect fit.

1.5 Hr Sleep Improvement Using Sleep As Android

Sleep as Android Third-Party Reviews

  • 4.6/5 With 356K Reviews From > Google Play
  • 4.7/5 With 3 Reviews From > Alternative To
  • 5.0/5 With 9 Reviews From > Product Hunt

Overall, we give Sleep as Android a Third-Party Review Score of (4.4/5)

About Sleep as Android

Sleep as Android, developed by Urbandroid, is an app with a clear mission – to help you manage your sleep effectively. It’s not just about waking up and going to bed; it’s about optimizing your sleep for the best rest possible.

So, how does it work? The app monitors your sleep cycles. Using this data wakes you up at the most optimal time, ensuring you feel refreshed. It even offers soothing nature sound lullabies to help you drift off to sleep.

But that’s not all. Sleep as Android also records snoring and provides anti-snoring functions. Plus, it integrates with your smart devices, like wearables and smart light bulbs, for enhanced functionality.

The app comes in two versions: a free version and a paid version that offers unlimited sleep tracking. Users have found the app helpful and effective in managing their sleep.

In a nutshell, Sleep as Android is a comprehensive tool designed to improve your sleep quality. Try it and see if it can improve your sleep routine.

Sleep as Android Features

  • Sleep Cycle Tracking: Sleep as Android helps you understand your sleep patterns by monitoring your sleep cycles. It uses this data to wake you up during the lightest phase of your sleep, making mornings less groggy.
  • Lullabies and Nature Sounds: Having trouble falling asleep? The app offers a variety of soothing sounds to help lull you into a peaceful slumber. 
  • Smart Device Integration: From your smartwatch to your smart light bulb, Sleep as Android can connect with various devices to enhance sleep management. 
  • Sleep Talk and Snoring Recording: Are you curious if you talk or snore in your sleep? The app has features to record these nighttime noises. Plus, it even offers anti-snoring measures to keep things quiet.
  • Heart Rate Sensing and Light Level Measurement: Awake time detection is possible through innovative features like heart rate sensing and light level measurement. 
  • Customizable Alarm Settings: You can personalize your alarm settings and choose from various wake-up options. No more standard annoying alarm sounds! 
  • Health Service Integration: Sleep as Android integrates with Google Fit and other health services, providing a holistic view of your well-being. 
  • Free and Paid Versions: Try the free version first. If it works for you, unlock unlimited sleep tracking with the paid version. 
  • SleepCloud Backup: Worried about losing your sleep data? SleepCloud, a cloud backup platform for Sleep as Android users, has you covered. 
  • Privacy and User Control: The app collects anonymous usage analytics data. However, they respect your privacy and allow you to opt out of data collection and personalize your ad settings.

Who is Sleep as Android Best For (And Not For)

Home Sleep Testing: The Pros and Cons You Need to Know

Who is Sleep as Android Best For

1. Sleep Cycle Optimizers: This app’s for you if you’re all about getting the best out of your sleep. It uses actigraphy and innovative wake-up technology to determine the optimal time to wake you up during your sleep cycle.

2. Morning Strugglers: Do you dread the sound of your alarm clock? Don’t worry. Sleep as Android offers gentle alarms, natural sounds, and light alarms to make mornings less painful. Say goodbye to the snooze button! 

3. Snoring and Sleep Talk Monitors: Curious to find out if you’re a sleep talker or snorer. The app records and analyzes your nighttime noises, providing insights into your sleep patterns.

4. Health Service Integrators: Want to connect your sleep data with other health services? Sleep as Android integrates with Google Fit, S Health, Zenobase, Fluxtream, and Beeminder.

5. Lucid Dream Experimenters: Ever wanted to control your dreams? The app offers audio cues to induce lucid dreaming.

6. Sleep Hygiene Improvers: Looking to improve your sleep habits? The app helps you understand and enhance your sleep quality with personalized advice, rating, and tagging features.

7. Customization Lovers: If you love personalizing your apps, you’ll enjoy Sleep as Android’s range of settings and options.

Who is Sleep as Android Not For

1. Apple / IOS users: As the name suggests, Sleep as Android is for Android users!

2. Accuracy Seekers: If you require highly accurate sleep tracking, Sleep as Android might not meet your needs in certain situations.

3. Privacy Concerned: If sharing your sleep data worries you, remember that Sleep as Android collects data for analysis and research. You can opt-out, but must do so manually.

4. Bed Space Lovers: Don’t fancy sharing your bed with your phone? The app requires the phone to be placed on the bed or synced with a wearable device for sleep tracking.

Overall, we give Sleep as Android a Quality Score of (4.0/5)

Sleep as Android Alternative

1. Sleep as Android vs Sleep Cycle: While both apps track sleep patterns using actigraphy, Sleep as Android takes it further with intelligent wake-up during the optimal sleep phase. Plus, if you find yourself talking or snoring in your sleep, Sleep as Android has got you covered with its recording features. 

2. Sleep as Android vs Pillow: Although Pillow offers a beautiful interface and integrates with Apple Health, Sleep as Android offers more excellent device compatibility, including Wear OS, Gear, Pebble, and Philips HUE intelligent lights. More devices, more fun, right? 

3. Sleep as Android vs SleepScore: SleepScore might boast advanced sleep-tracking technology but lacks the anti-snoring measures and CAPTCHA wake-up verification that Sleep as Android provides. Plus, who can resist those soothing Nature sound lullabies? 

4. Sleep as Android vs SleepBot: While SleepBot offers simple sleep tracking features, Sleep as Android offers a comprehensive suite of tools, including heart rate sensing, light level measurement, and integration with primary health services. Who knew sleep tracking could be so sophisticated?

5. Sleep as Android vs Pzizz: Pzizz may offer great sleep-inducing sounds, but Sleep as Android also offers nature sound lullabies, sleep talk and snoring recording, and personalized advice for improving sleep hygiene. Ready to take your sleep to the next level? 

6. Sleep as Android vs Sleep Time: Sleep Time might provide basic sleep tracking and a smart alarm, but with Sleep as Android, you get all that plus integration with various smart devices and health services. Plus, with SleepCloud, your sleep data is always safe and sound. 

Another alternative is Stellar Sleep.

Overall, we give Sleep as Android a Design Score of (4.4/5)

How Much Does Sleep as Android Cost

1. Free Trial Version: Are you curious about Sleep as Android but still deciding whether to commit? No problem! You can try out all the features for 14 days, absolutely free. However, sleep tracking will be limited to every other day after the trial. It’s like getting a taste of the good life before diving in. 

2. Unlock Stand-Alone App: Sold on Sleep as Android? Great! You can unlock the entire app on the Play Store. This gives you a lifetime license holder and ensures full access to the app. It’s like getting the keys to your personal sleep kingdom. 

3. In-App Lifetime Sleep as Android: Would you prefer to keep things within the app? You can purchase the In-app lifetime Sleep as Android. No need to download a separate app. It’s like upgrading your in-app experience to first class. 

4. Subscription for Sleep as Android: Still getting ready for a lifetime commitment? That’s okay. You can choose to subscribe monthly or yearly. This includes the SleepCloud PRO version. It’s like dating the app before getting married to it. 

5. SleepCloud Full Version: The full version of SleepCloud offers just that. It’s a paid service, but can you put a price on peace of mind? 

6. Customer Support: Sleep as Android’s customer support is just an email away. You can reach out to them at It’s like having a sleep expert on speed dial. 

7. Privacy Policy: Concerned about your data? Sleep as Android collects sleep data for analysis and research, and users agree to share their sleep data when using the Sleep Cloud service. They also use anonymized data for analysis. Read the privacy policy

So there you have it! Whether you want to dip your toes in with a free trial or dive right in with a lifetime purchase, Sleep as Android offers flexible options to suit your needs.

Overall, we give Sleep as Android a Cost Review Score of (4.0/5)

Is Sleep as Android Legit? Conclusion

After thorough research and personal experience, it’s clear that Sleep as Android stands out as an exceptional sleep-tracking tool. Its intelligent features, user-friendly interface, and affordable pricing make it an excellent choice for anyone looking to improve their sleep health.

Sleep as Android excels in providing comprehensive sleep insights through accurate sleep tracking using actigraphy and sonar technology. The innovative wake-up feature ensures you feel refreshed, optimizing your alarm to your light sleep phase. The app also integrates seamlessly with various wearables and smart devices, enhancing the overall sleep-tracking experience. And let’s remember the soothing sleep lullabies and nature sounds – they’re like a lullaby for adults!

Sleep as Android is a top-notch choice for those seeking a comprehensive, user-friendly, and affordable sleep monitoring solution. Its strengths far outweigh its limitations, making it a valuable tool in your journey to better sleep.

So, are you ready to take your sleep health to the next level?

Sleep as Android Review
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