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By Jared Levenson - Reviewed on October 2, 2023
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TheraNest - Practice Management Software for Mental Health Professionals TheraNest - Practice Management Software for Mental Health Professionals
$39-91 per month

TheraNest is best for mental health professionals like psychologists, therapists, counselors, and social workers who want to make their business management easier. It's a great choice for both big and small groups because it's easy to use and has a lot of features.

TheraNest's dedication to HIPAA compliance and its general functioning make it a reliable option for your clinic, even though there may occasionally be customer support hitches and some restrictions in invoicing features.

  • Streamlines therapy practice management.
  • Provides a dedicated client portal.
  • Supports billing, notes, and scheduling.
  • Offers unlimited note templates.
  • Includes invoicing options.
  • Features secure telehealth appointments.
  • Empowers with insightful analytics.
  • Ensures mobile compatibility.
  • Integrates with Wiley Practice Planners.
  • Tailors pricing to practice size.
  • Guarantees HIPAA-compliant data storage.
  • Delivers user-friendly, responsive support.
  • Not designed specifically for billing.
  • Issues with third-party billing providers.
  • Some instances of poor customer service.
  • Limited customizability in note templates.
  • No offline access.
  • Appointments can't be booked via client portal.
  • Inadequate telehealth features compared to specialized platforms.
  • Potential for high costs for larger practices.
  • Limited integrations with other software.
  • Scheduling not optimized for group practices.

Welcome to our comprehensive review of TheraNest, a cutting-edge therapy practice management software.

Designed with the needs of social workers, psychologists, and counselors, TheraNest is redefining how therapy is managed and delivered.

Are you looking for a tool that offers seamless scheduling, secure client portals, and mobile compatibility? How about a platform that streamlines your practice management and offers robust analytics? TheraNest might just be the solution you’ve been searching for.

In this review, we delve into the pros and cons of TheraNest, examining its features, pricing, user-friendliness, and customer service.

We also explore how TheraNest stands up against HIPAA compliance and data security standards.

Our goal? We aim to provide a balanced perspective to decide whether TheraNest is the right fit for your practice. So, let’s dive in and discover what TheraNest has to offer!

Remember, embracing telehealth and online therapy is not just about keeping up with the times. It’s about offering the best possible care to your clients, wherever they may be. And that’s something we can all get enthusiastic about!

TheraNest Third-Party Reviews

Overall, we give TheraNest a Third-Party Review Score of (4.4/5)

What Makes TheraNest Unique 

TheraNest is more than just a therapy practice management software. It’s a comprehensive solution designed specifically for mental health professionals. Here are some key features that make TheraNest unique:

  • TheraNest offers a secure client portal (TheraBook), allowing clients to manage information and appointments.
  • Comprehensive documentation support with unlimited access to note templates streamlines workflow.
  • Flexible billing options are available for individual and insurance payments, with the ability to generate invoices and accept credit card payments.
  • Seamless scheduling is available with Google Calendar or Apple iCal, supporting attendance tracking, client assignments to specific rooms, and appointment reminders.
  • HIPAA-compliant telehealth offerings with features such as case note access and screen-sharing capability.
  • Practice management features include document storage, appointment reminders, and unlimited team user access.
  • Robust analytics features aid in making decisions using data-driven reports.
  • Mobile compatibility with the iOS/Android app enables access to essential practice information from anywhere.
  • Data security is guaranteed by HIPAA compliance and Amazon Web Services encryption protocols.

List of Unique TheraNest Features and Benefits

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Here are some of their unique features and their benefits:

  1. Dedicated Client Portal: TheraNest’s secure client portal, TheraBook, lets clients manage their appointments, messaging, payments, and personal information independently.
  2. Comprehensive Documentation Support: With unlimited access to note templates for various needs, you can streamline your workflow and ensure consistent documentation.
  3. Flexible Billing Options: TheraNest supports individual and insurance billing, offering the ability to create invoices and accept credit card payments without merchant account fees. This flexibility can simplify your billing process and enhance efficiency.
  4. Seamless Scheduling: Sync your schedule with Google Calendar or Apple iCal, track attendance, assign clients to specific rooms, and send appointment reminders within TheraNest. This saves time and helps prevent scheduling conflicts.
  5. HIPAA-Compliant Telehealth: Provide secure virtual services with features like case note access, screen-sharing, and unique appointment links. This expands your reach and allows you to cater to clients who prefer or need remote sessions.
  6. Practice Management Features: With unlimited document storage, appointment reminders, and unlimited user access, TheraNest enhances organization and communication within your practice.
  7. Data Analytics: TheraNest’s robust analytics features help you create and analyze reports using practice data, enabling informed decision-making for the growth of your practice.
  8. Mobile Compatibility: The TheraNest Practice Management App, compatible with iOS and Android, allows you to access essential practice information anytime, anywhere.
  9. Data Security: As a HIPAA-compliant solution that stores data securely using Amazon Web Services, TheraNest ensures your clients’ information is safe.
  10. Integration with Wiley Practice Planners: This add-on feature expands your session planning and note-taking resources.

Who is TheraNest Best For (And Not For)

TheraNest is best suited for mental health professionals such as psychologists, therapists, counselors, and social workers looking to streamline their practice management. It’s an excellent choice for large and small practices because of its scalability and comprehensive feature set.

The software shines in clinical practice settings and is well-suited for providing speech-language and other allied health services. This makes it a versatile tool for multi-disciplinary health centers catering to various therapeutic needs.

TheraNest’s robust customer support and extensive database of user-friendly articles make it a reliable choice for those who value service and ease of use. Its ability to import years of data from another system with minimal errors and time commitment further underlines its suitability for practices transitioning from another software.

However, TheraNest may not be the best fit for practices relying heavily on automation for invoices, superbills, or claims. While it does offer flexible billing options, it lacks certain automation features that some courses may require for their billing processes.

In choosing TheraNest, weighing these pros and cons against your practice’s unique needs and circumstances is essential.

Overall, we give TheraNest a Quality Score of (4.6/5)

TheraNest Pros, Advantages, and Strengths

  • Empowering Telehealth: TheraNest offers a HIPAA-compliant telehealth platform, enabling mental health professionals to provide secure remote services. Isn’t it amazing to connect with clients no matter where they are?
  • Flexible Billing: With TheraNest, you can handle individual and insurance billing.
  • Robust Documentation Support: TheraNest provides unlimited access to note templates for various needs. Say goodbye to disorganized paperwork and hello to streamlined documentation!
  • Efficient Scheduling: TheraNest syncs your schedule with Google Calendar or Apple iCal.
  • Accessible Anywhere: With the TheraNest Practice Management App, you can access essential practice information anytime.
  • Data Security: TheraNest is HIPAA-compliant and uses secure Amazon Web Services for data storage.
  • Integration with Wiley Practice Planners: This unique feature expands session planning and note-taking resources. More resources mean more ways to help your clients, right?

TheraNest Cons, Disadvantages, and Weaknesses

  1. Limited Automation: While TheraNest has flexible billing options, it’s important to note that it lacks certain automation features for invoices, superbills, or claims. Could this be a stumbling block for your practice?
  2. Learning Curve: Some users have reported a steep learning curve when first using TheraNest. Are you ready to invest the time to understand the system fully?
  3. Customization Constraints: TheraNest doesn’t offer as many customization options as other platforms. How necessary is customization to your practice?
  4. No Direct Integration with Electronic Health Records (EHR): TheraNest does not directly integrate with EHR systems. Can your practice be managed without this integration?
  5. Cost Considerations: Some users mentioned that TheraNest can be more expensive than similar software options.
  6. Limited Reporting Capabilities: While TheraNest offers a variety of reports, some users have found these reports to be limited in their scope.

Overall, we give TheraNest a Design Score of (4.5/5)

How Much Does TheraNest Cost

  • $39 per month. Up to 30 Active Clients
  • $50 per month. Up to 40 Active Clients
  • $60 per month. Up to 50 Active Clients
  • $91 per month. Up to 80 Active Clients

Overall, we give TheraNest a Cost Review Score of (4.5/5)

TheraNest – Discounts, How To Cancel, etc

Discounts: TheraNest offers various pricing plans based on the size of your practice. If you opt for annual billing, you can save up to 10% compared to monthly billing. What a great way to make the most of your budget, don’t you agree?

Cancellation: The process is straightforward if you ever need to cancel your TheraNest subscription. Simply reach out to their support team through the platform or via email. Balancing before your next billing cycle is always best to avoid unexpected charges.

Customer Service: While TheraNest generally receives positive feedback for its user-friendly interface and HIPAA compliance, some users have reported occasional unprofessional and rude customer service. However, it’s important to note that these instances seem to be exceptions rather than the norm.

Billing Limitations: Some users have mentioned limitations for billing purposes. While TheraNest offers a wide range of billing features, including individual and insurance invoicing, batch invoicing, and credit card payments without merchant account fees, it might not cover every unique scenario.

HIPAA-Compliant: Rest easy knowing that TheraNest is fully HIPAA-compliant, with encrypted data and secure storage. Isn’t it reassuring to know your client information is in safe hands?

Login: You can access your TheraNest account at

Remember, every tool has its strengths and weaknesses. It’s about finding the one that best aligns with the needs of your practice.

Is TheraNest Legit Conclusion


TheraNest is indeed a legitimate therapy practice management software. It offers a range of features, from documentation to billing, scheduling, and even telehealth.

With a user-friendly interface, responsive support, and reasonable pricing, it’s a well-rounded solution for practices of all sizes.

While there may be occasional customer service hiccups and some limitations in billing capabilities, TheraNest’s commitment to HIPAA compliance and its overall functionality make it a trustworthy choice for your practice.

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TheraNest Review

Name: TheraNest

Description: Therapy practice management tool TheraNest is for mental health professionals. Documentation, billing, scheduling, telemedicine, and analytics are available. TheraNest's connectivity with Wiley Practice Planners and Google Calendar/iCal sync makes it stand out. Customers service and billing have been problematic for several users. A comprehensive, HIPAA-compliant solution for social workers, psychologists, and counselors, TheraNest may not be suited for individuals who need strong customer service.

Offer price: $39-91 per month

Currency: $

Operating System: Online Software

Application Category: Practice Management Software

Author: Online Mental Health Reviews

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