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By Jared Levenson - Reviewed on March 28, 2023
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If you are looking for English-speaking therapists in Paris, you might find your search to be a bit more difficult than you might have thought.

In other countries such as Germany or Japan, there simply aren’t as many therapists who speak English in comparison to Paris.

However, in Paris, there are almost too many online therapy resources! It’s hard to pick one! Plus, there can be a language barrier, although this barrier is not as significant in comparison to other countries or cities.

Here, we will explore the culture of therapy in France and Paris and list resources so you may quickly sort through your options, come to a clear decision, and find the mental health support that’s best for you.

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The Culture Of Therapy In France And Paris 

It is quite common for people in France and Paris to seek out a therapist or psychotherapist. It is estimated that 6 million people have undergone some form of psychotherapy at some point in their lifetime.

As such, it’s important to understand the culture of therapy within this region before committing to a specific option. 

English Speaking Therapists Vs French Speaking Therapists 

If you are looking for an English-speaking therapist in Paris, then you should know that there are many options available for mental health issues.

Most English-speaking therapists practice from the Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) school of psychology, which focuses on identifying and changing thought patterns that lead to negative behavior patterns or emotions.

CBT practitioners use evidence-based techniques and methods to help patients manage their mental health in commitment therapy.

On the other hand, many French-speaking therapists practice from a more psychoanalytic approach, which involves exploring childhood experiences and understanding how they have shaped current thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.

Therefore, depending on your needs as a patient, you may opt for one approach over another when selecting an English-speaking therapist or psychotherapist. 

However, these are just generalizations and you’ll want to look up potential therapists and even take a few therapists up on their free session offers.

Why Has The Search For Psychotherapy In Paris Become So Difficult?

Finding a psychotherapist in Paris can be difficult situations due to the language barrier.

While in other cities there are more language barriers, in Paris many people are bilingual. Still though, many of the most well-known psychotherapists in Paris market and advertise French, making it more difficult for English-speaking individuals to find a therapist who speaks their native language.

Additionally, many of the psychotherapy services available in Paris are not well-advertised or easily accessible, making it difficult to find the right therapist for your needs.

Finally, there is often a lack of knowledge about what types of psychotherapy are available in Paris, which can make it hard to know where to start looking.

Top 4 Lists Of English-speaking Therapists, Psychiatrists, And Psychotherapists In Paris

Finding an English-speaking therapist, psychiatrist, or psychotherapist in Paris is now easier than ever.

In our opinion, the top 3 listings of professionals who offer their services in English, are:

  1. Paris Therapy – Therapist Directory – Sort through 100+ search results for English-speaking psychotherapists and counselors in or near Paris through Paris Therapy Services. Most of the mental health specialists listed on this website are native English speakers. Can search by local area code as well.
  2. Ex Pat Therapy 4 U – (2 search results) Makes it easier to find a qualified therapist in Paris who speaks English. Therapists, psychologists, and counselors in Paris, France can be found at Expat Therapy 4U. Their ex-pat therapists in Paris offer Psychotherapy, CBT, and Counseling in Paris that is up-to-date and effective. You don’t need a referral from your doctor to see one of our experts because you can send it yourself.
  3. Paris Psychology Centre – Features friendly therapists who are licensed with a lot of experience and can give therapy that really helps. English speaking. Located in Paris but online therapy sessions are possible as well via the Internet.
  4. Anglo Info Paris Directory – 54 search results for English-speaking therapists in Paris, featuring a variety of disciplines and treatment centers.

List Of English-speaking Therapists, Psychiatrists, And Psychotherapists In France

Finding an English-speaking therapist, psychiatrist, or psychotherapist in France can be a daunting task.

Fortunately, there are many resources available to help you find the right professional for your needs.

Are There Therapists In France?

Yes, there are therapists in France. You can find qualified and reputable therapists through online directories such as TherapyRoute, EuroPsyche,, ExpatTherapy4U, CounsellinginFrance,, and ParisPsychologyCentre.

How Much Does A Therapy Session Cost In Paris?

Therapy sessions in Paris can cost anywhere from €50 to €140 per session. The French government is offering free therapy sessions for citizens starting in 2022, with a €40 consultation fee for the first session and €30 for additional visits.

How Much Does Therapy Cost In France?

According to the World Economic Forum4, therapy sessions in France are set to become free for citizens starting in 2022.

  • As of 2022, the government will cover the cost of therapy sessions for French people.
  • The program is a component of a larger effort to improve the nation’s mental health.
  • According to a recent poll by the French government, 10% of adults there had suicidal thoughts in the previous year on average.
  • High levels of despair and anxiety were also discovered.

Because of this, the government will cover a €40 consultation fee to start, and seven additional visits at a rate of €30 thereafter, with the option to renew. Fees charged by therapists may vary but typically range from €55-€70 per hour.

However, Macron has said this program is not for people who can already pay for therapy or psychologists who charge much more than these rates.

Rather, he stressed that the policy is meant to help mental health workers who aren’t making enough money and patients who can’t afford to go to therapy unless prices are regulated.

Is Therapy Expensive In France?

Therapy sessions in France will be free for citizens starting in 2022. The government will cover the cost of therapy sessions, with reimbursements of 40 euros for the first session and 30 euros for follow-up sessions.

Private health insurance is also available to help cover costs, but it is generally less expensive than in other countries. Online therapy services are also available, with prices starting at just 10 euros.

Can A US Therapist Work In France?

Yes, a US therapist can work in France. To become a practicing psychologist in France, you need both a French license (bachelor’s) and a master’s degree. Additionally, the American Society of Clinical Psychology keeps an updated list of registered psychologists in France who have an ADELI number.

Can An American Therapist Practice In Europe?

The answer to the question “Can an American therapist practice in Europe?” is yes. American-trained psychologists are in high demand for overseas academic jobs, and it is possible to find work as a clinician as well.

However, each country has its regulations and requirements for qualifying as a psychologist, so it is important to research the specific requirements of the country you plan to practice in.

Additionally, some countries do not recognize psychotherapy or psychotherapeutic counseling as an independent profession.

The European Association for Psychotherapy ( represents and supports 120,000 psychotherapists and 128 psychotherapy organizations from 41 countries, so it can be a great resource when researching this topic.

What Are Therapists Called In France?

In France, therapists are referred to as thérapeutes. They may also have a higher level qualification such as a DESS (Diplôme d’Etudes Supérieures Spécialisées) in clinical psychology.

Is Therapy Regulated In France?

Therapy is regulated in France as French citizens will be able to access free therapy sessions from 2022.

How Much Does A Psychologist In Paris Make?

According to, the average pay for a Psychologist in Paris, France is €60,870 a year and €29 an hour.

Fees and reimbursement of consultations at Psychologist France vary from one therapist to another but the most common rates for an individual therapy hour range between 40 and 120 euros (often 45-50 minutes).

How Much Does A Psychologist Cost In France?

The cost of a psychologist in France varies depending on the therapist. Generally, the most common rate for an individual session is €50.

The French government will cover up to €40 for the first consultation and seven additional visits at a rate of €30 thereafter. Private health insurance may also provide reimbursement for private services and treatments.

Is The Couples Therapy Show On The BBC real?

Yes, the couples therapy show on the BBC is real.

  • Couples Therapy is a television series that documents the therapeutic process of three to four couples per season.
  • The series follows a diverse cast of couples who have agreed to bare their souls and crumbling relationships in front of cameras to save their relationships with the help of Dr. Orna Guralnik.
  • It features conversations between the couples and their therapist, Dr. Orna Guralnik, which are recorded and edited into nine episodes over 20 weeks.
  • The sessions take place in New York and are filmed behind a one-way mirror. The series features many cameras hidden behind a two-way mirror and captures the raw, emotional, and very real struggles that couples face.
  • Discussions about the couple’s children are not permitted due to them not having given consent for their life to be discussed on television.
  • The couples have no contact with any of the crew members and only interact with Dr. Orna Guralnik.

You may learn more information about the Couples Therapy TV show on this Couples Therapy TV Wikipedia page.

Does Insurance Cover Therapy In France?

Yes, insurance does cover therapy in France. Depending on the type of therapy and the individual’s health insurance plan, the state may reimburse up to 80% of the cost for consultations with a psychiatrist or psychologist.

Does French Health Insurance Cover Mental Health?

Yes, French health insurance covers mental health. The healthcare system in France offers mental health services that patients can access for free or with subsidies.

Enrollment in France’s statutory health insurance system is mandatory and typically covers 70% of the fees and 80% of hospital costs, while private mental healthcare will only be reimbursed if you have private insurance (mutuelle) which specifically covers this kind of healthcare.

English Speaking Therapists in Paris Conclusion: 

When searching for an English-speaking therapist or psychotherapist in Paris or the surrounding regions, it is important to do your research beforehand so that you can make an informed decision about who best suits your needs.

By understanding both the unique cultural aspects of therapy in France and Paris as well as the differences between English-speaking therapists versus French-speaking therapists, you can be sure that you are making the best choice for yourself or your loved one’s mental health care needs.

Please know there are resources for bilingual therapists all around the world, such as in Germany, Spanish-speaking countries, Paris, and Japan.

Our team wants to hear your thoughts too! Let us know which mental health software product that Online Mental Health Reviews should explore and review next. Please share discount codes, horror stories and your experiences so we may all benefit!

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Overall, BetterHelp conveniently provides busy professionals with various live therapy options to make it the best online therapy in terms of value per dollar.

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