What Is Talking Space? 3 Different Meanings

By Jared Levenson - Reviewed on February 14, 2023
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At first glance, the phrase “talking space” may not seem to make much sense. But a closer look reveals that the term refers to multiple entities, ranging from a podcast to an astronaut organization, to an online therapy mental health provider. Let’s take a deeper dive into each of these talking spaces. 

The Talking Space Podcast 

Talking Space is a podcast dedicated to all things space, where hosts Gene Mikulka, Sawyer Rosenstein, Mark Ratterman and Dr. Kat Robison provide open exchange of ideas and opinions in an entertaining manner.

The hosts have the perfect range of topics from space news to technology that keeps every busy listener up-to-date with the current state of the outer world.

I have listened to other podcasts related to space exploration and this one had me captivated due to its precise delivery of information with very few minutes spared.

What I did not like was a negative bias towards putting Americans into space. After all, space is about exploration is about inspiring missions such as Apollo 13, and the hopefulness these journeys and their heroes provide. Overall, an excellent podcast with 25 reviews and an average 4.2 / 5 rating.

Association of Space Explorers

The Association of Space Explorers (ASE) looks to their members’ experiences to help them spread their message of global benefits of space exploration, international cooperation and better stewardship of Earth.

With their vision to make living, working, and exploring in space as normal as life on our home planet, ASE is open to those who have orbited the Earth in a spacecraft.

Currently, ASE is represented by over 400 experienced space fliers from 38 nations around the world including Canada, Japan, Germany and Vietnam.

Educating future generations and inspiring them to pursue careers in science are one of the main goals as well that they hope to achieve with their talking about space initiatives.

Overall, there is something special about the organization that allows for conversations about space exploration among its wonderful members. A very exclusive club!


Talkspace is an online therapy mental health provider where people can have a safe space to talk.

The Talkspace mission is simple – providing accessible mental health care for everyone through technology-enabled platforms like video conferencing software, text messaging platforms, and more.

Talkspace makes it easier than ever before for people to seek professional help without having to leave their homes or offices; users can access qualified therapists from anywhere at any time of day or night at an affordable cost.

Talkspace also offers specialized services such as couples counseling, family therapy, and even telepsychiatry appointments with licensed psychiatrists for those seeking medication management. 

Benefits of Talkspace:

  • 24/7 access – reach out whenever you need
  • Eliminate commute time and scheduling hassles
  • Flexible plans to meet your needs and lifestyle
  • Connects people with licensed, experienced therapists

Why talking about space (in relationships) is important?

Talking space is an important part of any relationship, whether it be romantic or platonic.

Taking time apart from each other can help to build a stronger bond and create a healthier dynamic between two people.

It allows for both parties to take some time to reflect on their feelings and emotions, as well as allows them to miss each other and appreciate the time they spend together even more.

Here are some key benefits of talking about space and setting boundaries:

  • Gives both parties time to reflect on their feelings
  • Allows for partners to miss each other and appreciate the time spent together
  • Helps build a stronger bond between two people
  • Creates a healthier dynamic in relationships
  • Helps prevent burnout from spending too much time together

How to use Talkspace:

Here’s how to use TalkingSpace:

  • Create an account on the Talkspace website
  • Connect with a consultation therapist who will ask about your needs and goals
  • Send messages to your therapist throughout the day
  • Receive responses from your therapist as soon as they are available
  • If you prefer another medium, such as audio or video chat, you can request it

What do reviews say about Talkspace?

Talkspace Review - $276-436
talkspace transparent logo

Name: Talkspace

Description: Talkspace might be for you if you're new to therapy or looking for mental health care that fits your schedule and location. Talkspace is an online service offering a range of mental health care options, including individual, teen and couples therapy along with psychiatry. Health insurance coverage is also accepted and various methods of communication are available to connect with therapists.

Offer price: $276-436

Operating System: Online

Application Category: Mental Health

Author: Online Mental Health Reviews

  • Third Party Reviews
  • Quality
  • Cost
  • Design

What is the hardest part about talking and being in a vulnerable space?

Being in a vulnerable space and talking about whatever grief or difficulties you are going through is difficult.

Even talking about vulnerability and space can be a difficult topic for many people. It can be hard to open up about personal issues and feelings, especially when it comes to mental health.

Some of the common problems with talking space include difficulty speaking, anxiety and depression, zoning out during conversations, and lack of personal space.

Additionally, some people are socialized to internalize their feelings rather than talk about them.

Who is Talkspace for?

The Talkspace is an online therapy platform that connects people with licensed therapists from the comfort of their own homes.

It offers a convenient and affordable way to improve mental health, with over 1 million users.

With Talking Space, you can connect with experienced therapists from the palm of your hand. Here are some of the features and benefits of using Talking Space:

  • Convenient access to licensed therapists
  • Affordable mental health care
  • Over 1 million users
  • Anonymous communication
  • Variety of therapy options

Is Talkspace confidential?

Talking Space is a confidential service that provides mental health care to people over 18.

Generally speaking Talkspace offers a safe and secure space for individuals to talk about their mental health concerns and receive support from qualified therapists.

Confidentiality is of utmost importance in Talking Space, as the therapist-client relationship is based on trust.

  • Therapists are legally bound to keep all conversations private
  • Clients can feel safe knowing their identity will remain anonymous
  • No personally identifiable information is shared outside of the therapist/client relationship
  • All conversations are kept confidential even if housemates or family members are present

However, as we noted in our Talkspace review, there is currently an ongoing class-action lawsuit regarding Talkspace privacy practices.

Do people like talking about space and the universe?

Do people like talking space? It depends on the individual.

Some may find it fascinating, while others may find it overwhelming or even intimidating.

However, there are some common reasons why people may be interested in discussing it. These include a desire to learn more about the universe, explore new ideas and possibilities, or simply connect with others who share their interest in space exploration.

  • A desire to learn more about the universe in
  • To explore new ideas and possibilities
  • To connect with others who share their interest in space exploration
  • To understand the complexities of the universe
  • To gain insight into our place in the universe


As you can see, “talking space” has many different meanings depending on which context we’re looking at it from – whether it be a podcast all about personal growth or an innovative platform providing accessible mental health care services on demand!

Each one of these talking spaces has something unique and valuable to offer people looking for support, insight, or guidance in some way or another – so why not take advantage of them today?

Who knows what kind of positive change they could bring into your life?

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