What to Know About Sesame Urgent Care

By Jared Levenson - Reviewed on February 22, 2023
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My First Time Using Sesame Care: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

When you or a loved one needs care, time is often of the essence. Knowing what your options are can help ensure you get the care you need promptly.

Sesame Urgent Care centers offer same-day appointments for mental health visits but they are not meant to be dealing with life-threatening situations. Let’s dive into what you should know about the Sesame Urgent Care health savings account. 

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What is Sesame Urgent Care? 

Sesame Care connects Sesame users to Urgent Care centers that are typically open 7 days a week and offer same-day appointments for non-life-threatening medical issues.

If you suffer from an illness such as strep throat or an injury such as a sprained ankle, then urgent care may be the right choice for you.

It’s important to note that if your condition is life-threatening and/or requires immediate attention, then call 911 and seek emergency assistance immediately. 

Services Offered at Sesame Urgent Care Centers 

The services offered at Sesame Urgent Care centers vary depending on location, but generally speaking, they offer diagnosis and treatment for minor illnesses and injuries, physical exams (including school sports physicals), flu shots and vaccinations, X-rays and lab tests, stitches and splints for minor injuries, wound care (including burns), occupational health services (such as drug testing), and more.

They also offer some preventative health services like weight loss programs. 

What Sets Sesame Urgent Care Apart? 

One of the main benefits of using a Sesame Urgent Care center is that they are typically open 7 days a week – sometimes even on holidays – with extended hours so it’s easy to find an appointment that fits your schedule.

Additionally, many locations have onsite labs so that results can be received quickly which helps expedite the healing process for many conditions.

In addition, you pay for your urgent care visit ahead of time through Sesame Care, so there are no unforeseen bills.

Can Sesame Care prescribe antibiotics?

Sesame Care is a healthcare provider that offers a variety of services, including prescription antibiotics. Through their online platform, you can book appointments with doctors and specialists to get the treatment you need.

Depending on your symptoms and the cause of your infection, Sesame Care can provide prescription antibiotics for skin infections, ear infections, urinary tract infections (UTIs), sinus infections, and vaginal infections.

Here are some key points about Sesame Care’s antibiotic prescriptions:

  • Affordable appointments with a simple booking process
  • Antibiotics may help treat bacterial infections
  • Prescriptions available for skin, ear, UTI, sinus, and vaginal infections
  • Accessible via online platforms or in-person visits
  • No insurance required

How does Sesame care make money?

Sesame Care is a direct-pay healthcare marketplace that helps patients save money on quality care. By connecting patients directly to providers, Sesame eliminates the need for insurance companies and allows patients to pay doctors directly at a discounted rate.

Through its dynamic marketplace, Sesame has reduced overall healthcare costs for over 100,000 Americans. Patients can book their appointments online and pay with cash or a credit card.

How does Sesame make money?

  • Sesame charges a percentage of the charge of each visit
  • It makes money from its participating providers who set their prices
  • Prices can dip as low as 50% to 70% discount off typical cash-pay prices
  • It also makes money from its telehealth services offered by employees or work-for-hire contractors

What is sesame telehealth?

Sesame Telehealth is a telemedicine platform that connects patients and doctors without the need for health insurance.

It offers direct-to-patient care, including primary care, urgent/sick visits, access to MRI, prescription refill appointments, online therapy for individuals and couples, online psychiatry services, and COVID testing. Patients can access a free Sesame telehealth consult as well as affordable COVID testing.

  • Connects patients and doctors without the need for health insurance
  • Offers direct-to-patient care
  • Includes primary care, urgent/sick visits, prescription refill appointments
  • Provides online therapy for individuals and couples
  • Offers online psychiatry services
  • Provides COVID testing
  • Access to free Sesame telehealth consult
  • Affordable COVID testing available

Who owns Sesame health?

Sesame Health is a healthcare marketplace founded by David Goldhill, a business executive and healthcare reform advocate. The company’s mission is to help connect patients and providers directly, providing clear, affordable options for medical care.

Sesame has 13 investors including Virgin Group and General Catalyst and has raised $27 million in Series B financing. The company’s platform manages healthcare plans for insured and non-insured members and connects patients with the right medical professionals.

The executive team includes Co-founders David Goldhill, Michael Botta, and John Fontein; Chief Medical Officer Dr. Marty Makary; and Suren Ramasubbu as Chief Product Officer.

Sesame care reviews

Sesame’s BBB rating is B+, with 15 reviews averaging 2.27 stars.

Doctors’ delay, roughness, and unresponsiveness are common BBB Sesame ratings. Sesame’s medical care, customer service, and refunds are also criticized. Sesame resolved 11/12 complaints in three years.

Sesame Care has more positive Trustpilot evaluations. About 75% of their 800 reviews give Sesame 5 stars. They average 4.3 stars. Good reviews praise the service’s speed, ease, and efficiency.

Negative reviews, like BBB, often complain about refunds and customer service.

173 Facebook reviews average 3.7 stars. Some users found the service convenient, fast, and effective, while others encountered problems including excessive wait times or poor customer support.

Sesame care refill

Just like Sesame’s simple logo, Sesame Care Refill is an innovative and convenient way to get your prescription refilled. With just $5 and free delivery, you can easily access the care you need from top-reviewed doctors near you. Sesame Care Refill offers a variety of services, including:

  • Urgent Care
  • Prescription Refills
  • Skin Care
  • Mental Health
  • Women’s Health
  • Men’s Health
  • Wellness and Prevention
  • Sexual Health
  • Addiction Medicine
  • Online Doctor Prescription & Refill Appointments.

Sesame Care Refill makes it easy to find the best price with the best doctors available, so you can feel better knowing that you’re getting quality care at an affordable price.

Plus, they partner with like-minded brands who believe that quality care should be more transparent and accessible. So if you’re looking for a convenient way to get your prescription refilled, Sesame Care Refill is a perfect choice!

Sesame care refund

Sesame Care is a telehealth platform that offers same-day therapy sessions. If you make a same-day appointment by mistake and need to cancel, Sesame Care’s customer support will refund you if you request a cancellation within one hour of booking. Here are some key points about Sesame Care refunds:

  • Refunds are available for same-day appointments canceled within one hour of booking
  • Negative reviews tend to focus on difficulty receiving refunds and trouble with customer service
  • For credit card payments, customers will be refunded the sales price amount associated with the error and recharged for the new items price
  • For cash payments, customers will receive a replacement product or a full refund for the wrong item dispatched by Sesame

What are the problems with sesame urgent care?

Here are some of the problems with Sesame Urgent Care:

  • Long wait times for appointments
  • Limited availability of specialists
  • Lack of transparency regarding pricing
  • Difficulty getting prescriptions filled
  • Limited access to mental health services
  • Poor customer service


When it comes to getting medical treatment quickly without having to go through the lengthy process of making an appointment with your primary doctor or heading to the hospital emergency room when it’s not necessary, there’s no better option than Sesame Urgent Care centers.

With same-day appointments available at most locations 7 days a week plus extended hours they make it easy to fit medical care into even the busiest schedule while still providing quality services that can help get you back on your feet quickly when necessary.

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